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Carolyn (Branchfield) Varner

1965 - hired with Pacific Airlines as reservation & ticket agent at SFO.   Worked in reservations in the airport terminal & in the old G.O. on the airport frontage road.  Moved to San Mateo offices "on the hill" where I worked in CRC office.  Took furlough when S.M. offices closed.  Began work at SFO tkt ctr, gates. luggage service in 1980-81.  After back injury in 1985I came to work at SFO Cargo in 1987.  Anxiously awaiting the beginning of my retirement as soon as I hit the Lotto!  My email address is varnerc@aol.com

Vicki Varbel


I was a flight attendant from 6/70 thru 12/73 based mostly in Seattle.  I was also one of 8 FA to be selected to go to LA for the shoot advertising our new yellow look.  Only 5 ended up on the billboard, but it was a fun experience.  I loved my job and really miss it. I only quit because my husband at the time wanted to move back to Idaho (he is soon to retire as a station agent in Seattle). It will always be one of the best periods in my life, my time at Airwest/Hughes Airwest. I will forward some pictures I have as soon as I get them scanned. 

Gene Vaselenko


Started with West Coast Airlines in Sept. 1965 as a CSA in PDX, transfer to AST for 4 years, then to PSC for 1 year, transfer back to PDX for 9 years, then transfer to HOU for the summer, (couldn't wait to  leave, the town was Okay, couldn't take the weather). At the end of summer transfer to SJC  for 1 year, then back to PDX until I retired in 1999.

I still live in PDX, At the present, I have a Tax Preparation business that I do part-time out of my home


Dan Veenstra


I just made contact with Bill Gerrard who was my DSM in Seattle. He forwarded the new Air West site to me. Upon seeing the site, my heart started to beat erratically. All of a sudden I was transcended back into one of the most wonderful times of my life. All in front of me on my computer screen. I started out in 1966 with Pacific Air Lines as a Station Agent at the Eureka/Arcata Airport in Northern California. Later, in 1967, I transferred to what was then West Coast Air Lines in Seattle as a Sales Rep. Bill Gerrard was the DSM and Glenn Bottemiller was the other Sales Rep. I left Hughes Air West in December of 1969 at the time it seemed everyone was being laid off. Remember the billboard on the southbound freeway, 밯ill the last person leaving town please turn off the lights. One of the pilots also laid off was Warren Edwards. Warren ended up flying a helicopter at Sudden Valley, a recreational development near Bellingham, Washington. I also worked for Sudden Valley and promoted the property by giving speeches at hotels in the Seattle Area. Warren Edwards and I had a lot of fun working together on several promotional projects. Later, I ended up building three Round Table Pizza Restaurants in the Bellevue, Washington area. I now live in Tucson, Arizona and, on occasion, commute to other homes in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico and Port Townsend, Washington. At this point in my life I look back and see nothing more than a collection of pictures. Those images of Air West will always bring about fond thoughts. Thank you so much for reminding me of my adventure with Pacific Air Lines, Air West, and Hughes Air West. And yes, my next step is going to be the purchase of AW memorabilia from your store.

Chris Vorderkunz

I started in PHX....1972 and left in 1984. Initially worked the PHX line and heavy maintenance (1972-74) then went into Overseas Ops and worked as Technical Rep for RW on numerous overseas projects including Saudi Arabia (1975-76), Nepal (1977), Argentina (1978) and then the Philippines (1979-82). Returned to "the world" in early 1982 and became PHX Section MGR Overseas Ops (1982-84). RW had the greatest group of folks, both domestic and international, I have had the privilege of working with over the last 32 years (including US Army). Still in the game...now as Lessor of commercial aircraft.

Nan Vogt

Joined RW 1970 in Operations/Admin.( :( ); Controller's Office; MIS (PHX);
Marketing Planning; Legal/Reg. Affairs; Yield Management (MSP); Marketing Library Coordinator (MSP) and after 16 years took early retirement in 1986 and relocated to sunny, warm San Diego ( :) ). Now fully retired (?) spend some time as an OASIS volunteer tutor, fixing up my "new" old mobile home here in Escondido, CA and do some part-time computer work.
Bill Wade

I started with Pacific Airlines in Nov 1965 as a mechanic in LAX. I worked in Lax as a mechanic and a lead mechanic until the AirWest  merger. I then relocated to PHX in1968 and became a maintenance controller.  I did an overseas assignment in Rangoon, Burma and Kathmandu, Nepal in the early 70's. Upon return to PHX in 1974 I became Manager of all of the maintenance shops for AirWest. At the Republic acquisition, I relocated to MSP to manage all of the shops for Republic. I became a SR. Director in that position and remained in that capicity with Northwest until I took the position of Director of Maintenance Operations in MSP. I then Became Managing Director of Line Maintenance of the Detroit station for almost 3 years. I then returned to MSP as the Vice President of Line Maintenance, the position I held until I recently retired after 38 years of service. I am still in MSP but have recently purchased a condo in PHX to do my best immitation of a "snow bird". I would be interested in hearing  from any of our comrads and friends from the Hughes AirWest past.

Frank Walker

I started in YKM, Jul. 28, 1968 retired in IND Jul. 31, 2003. worked in YKM twice, EPH twice, PUW, YUM, SEA and IND. still keep in touch with Al Leonard, Mike Mikles, Mel Barrington, Larry Booth and Brent Choate. Had a great ride. Enjoyed working with some real great agents and crews.

Cheryl Wallington

I was a flight attendant from Oct. 69 to April 85 mostly  in SFO.  I took the early retirement to stay home and raise my 2 daughters. I worked part time as a teachers aide and after school tutor. Cap and I now live in Lake Wildwood, near Grass Valley/Nevada City, Ca. We love the active community and scenic surroundings. We just had our 1st grandson in April 05.

Sharon Walsh

I started flying in |September of 1969 and am still out there....many uniforms later....still serving the "chicken or beef"?  So far, Delta is OK but I don't really |feel like I work for them yet. Somewhere in between NWA and Delta, but hoping things settle down soon.

Ten years ago, I moved back to where it all started, only a few miles away from the Monterey, California airport. My very first flight airplane flight was out of Monterey to go to Phoenix to go to training at the  Bonanza training center. I live in Monterey County and plan on retiring here (hopefully soon).  The guest room is usually available and hope to see some of you here.  Sharon Lind Walsh

Jenny K.N. Ahn (Wangoe)


(I know - I did not work for HUGHES AIRWEST.  I worked for PACIFIC AIRLINES.  But, I have lived for 42 years with a HUGHES AIRWEST Chief Station Agent, MRY Peter J. Wangoe.  So please give me some slack if you know what I mean!)

I was an Army Brat.  My father upon his return from Viet Nam was re-stationed to Ft. Ord, CA.  I always wanted to be a stewardess but too young to fly in 1966.  So inquired at the Fort JAMTO office to see if they were hiring.  They advised me to apply at the Monterey Airport as they understood various carriers were hiring which lead me to Pacific Airlines.  I was hired by Joe Smith MRY/MGR Nov 1966 as a Reservations Agent.  A wonderful experience & awakening into 밃irline Talk Humor Outlook Precision & Camaraderie.    It was the days of headsets, phone boards & a large lazy Susan full of metal file boxes filled with file cards with handwritten reservations.  The res cards were deposited through a hole in the wall and were teletyped for flight confirmations.  On the job training was the way you learned the job.  

Finally of age, I was accepted by American Airlines as a Stewardess and graduated from American Airlines Stewardess College, Ft Worth, Texas in 1968 - based in Dallas, Texas.  At the time fluent in Spanish I was awarded the Mexican run.  (Attended Monterey Peninsula College night school 3rd year Spanish when working at the MRY airport.)

Met my future husband, Peter J. Wangoe RW/MRY while working at the Monterey Airport.   In retirement we make our home on San Juan Island, Washington State.

Peter Wangoe Sr

peter rw31.jpg

I Was hired by Peter Belghaus - Mgr.  Pacific Air Lines, MRY on 01 Sep 1960. Worked as Station Agent  under (Belghaus / Eric Wilson/Joe Smith/Fred Hykal/Mgrs) until Mid 1976; took Leave of Absence and was recalled twice (had relocated from Carmel, Calif. to Friday Harbor, Wash) as Chief Station Agent for closure of Hughes Airwest, MRY station  in Dec 1979;  then reverted to Furlough status.  I 밻xperienced merger of PC/BL/WC and the changes to Air West and Hughes Airwest and 밻njoyed subsequent retirement in Dec 1982 from Republic, then Northwest and now Delta.

My prior history was also airline: as Station Manager for Czechoslovak Airlines/ Copenhagen, Denmark (1947-1949).  Worked as Customer Service Interpreter for Pan American Airways/ LaGuardia Marine Terminal - NY from early to mid 1949. Flew  on various supplemental (non-sked) air carriers as Flight Steward (domestic) and Flight Purser (Caribbean/South America);  last Coastal Airlines;  we converted  to California Eastern Airways in June 1950 on outbreak of Korean war. Flew Korean Airlift as Flight Purser until May 1951. Then 1951-1955 with U.S. Air Force/ Intelligence Service in Europe. 1955-57 flew Korean Airlift again for Great Lakes Airlines and then the Hungarian Airlift (Flight Purser).  After move to Carmel, Calif. and went into private business until the call of the wild (see above) drew me back Sep. 1960.

Married (42 yrs now) to Jenny K.N. Ahn, ex-Pacific Airlines/MRY Reservations Agent (hired by Joe Smith, MRY/ Mgr) and ex-American Airlines Stewardess/DAL. (see separate listing under JENNY KAY NEE AHN).  

 We are still residing on San Juan Island (Friday Harbor), Wash. & can be reached by e-mail: or phone @ 360-378-3599
 p.s. if any year is wrong the world is alright it is just that I was wrong (at 83).


David Webb

I started with Bonanza in February 1967 as a Stock Clerk in PHX. Went on to be an Expeditor and finally involved with the Overseas Operations Dept. I left in 1983 but I didn뭪 leave the business. From 83 on I뭭e been involved in small upstart airlines as well as maintenance mod centers from PHX to HNL and into Eastern Europe and back. My international travel began with Hughes Airwest in 1975 in Saudi Arabia and has taken me full circle. I뭢 just finishing a one year contract that took me back to the Middle East as a Civilian Contractor in Iraq. The aviation industry has been good to me over the years and I have met and will remember a lot of good people.  

Al Wehrsdorfer


I started with Hughes in March, 1978 as a part-time station agent in SJC.  From there I moved to DEN with Republic, then to MSP with a brief stint in PHX in 1983 before moving back to MSP in 1984.  I worked in various capacities in Marketing with Republic and NWA -- Yield Management, Domestic and International Schedules, as well as in Ground Operations Staffing, Budgets and Contract Services before returning to a position in Domestic Schedule Planning.   As a result of the merger with Delta my partner Steve and I, along with our African Grey parrot, Keiku, made the move south in June, 2009 and now reside in the Atlanta area.   I currently hold the position of Manager, International Schedules at Delta.  In a few years when our tour of duty in Atlanta is over we intend to retire to Asheville, North Carolina where we recently purchased land and plan to build. 

Ron Weinert



I came from West Coast Airlines, in the first big merger that made up AirWest (Pre Hughes Airwest).  I hired on as a DC-3 Copilot in October, 1959, and retired as a DC-10 and B-747 Captain with Northwest 34 1/2 years later (Feb 1994).  I live in Scottsdale and in Buhl, Idaho (near Twin Falls) and am still married to Ruth Jordan, who was a Bonanza Flight Attendant and is still flying.

Update 7/18/09:  My Dear Wife, Ruth Jordan, retired from NWA in January, 2008, after 50 1/2 years heaving herself up and down the aisles. She retired as working number 1, seniority #2.

Since last update I have ridden a motorcycle from Deadhorse AK to Ushuaia, Argentina and back (27,000 miles in 5 months), done an "Iron Butt 48 plus One" (rode a motorcycle through every mainland state and Alaska in under ten (10) days, and now am sailing a 40 foot sailboat on the San Juan Islands. Other than that, life is pretty dull...

(208) 543-8925

Craig & Lynette (Darms) Weise


Both Lynette and I worked for Hughes Airwest in the '70's and  were both in a June '73 flight attendant class.  I flew for 1 year and returned to school to finish my BA degree.  In 1977 I started working as a station agent for Hughes Airwest in Los Angeles...for approximately 7  months and transferred down to Orange County, California from late '77 to around '84 or so. From 1980 to 1984 I commuted from Seattle to Orange County...worked double shifts and returned home after 2 1/2 days of work....the best time ever...four days off each week!  I went to work for Federal Express for a time in Seattle from '84 to '88, then Horizon Air doing their package trips until '92 when I transferred over to Alaska Airlines to manage and develop their Mexico packages.  Did that for 6 years and quit to start our (Lynette & mine) own business.  I also do an radio/Alaska Airlines promotional consulting effort selling Mexico for Alaska Airlines. Lynette continued to fly until about '85, when she retired under the Hughes Airwest 10 year retirement program for F/A's.  She held various office manager jobs in the Seattle area until '98.  Lynette & Jeanette (Darms) were the first twins hired by Hughes Airwest, both received much notoriety for it.  They are mirror twins, when flying together they caused more then their share of confusion! Lynette and I left the "crowded" Seattle area in the summer of '98, purchased 3/4 of an acre in the foothills of the Cascades (about 32 miles east of Salem, Oregon).  We built a shop and house on the property and run our business out of the shop. Lynette, always being talented in the art area, has been doing ink & pen art work (since '94) we frame the art work (prints) with an opening for a diploma below (the art work is scenes on Pacific Northwest University campuses).  We currently offer 37 different displays for 37 schools, with more coming along all the time.  You can view our web page at: www.universitylithos.com  Our children are grown and moving along on their own. Alixandria was Chief of Staff for Congressman Adam Smith (9th district, WA) from her college graduation until just a few months ago. She was recruited by the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) to work on campaigns around the country. Our son, Aliya James Allen, is in his last year of course work at The George Washington University, to receive his PH D in English lit. He should start teach at the university level by the fall of 2006. No grandchildren yet.... can't talk about too much at they get mad at me! Maybe some day.

Mary Westbrook

In 1969 I was hired by Hughes Airwest as a flight attendant and was based in Las Vegas.  I flew until 1970.   I am Currenly working in Banking in Las Vegas as a Vice President of Business Development Officer.

Florence Wheeler

Florence1960.jpg Florence2008.jpg


I worked for WCA in Seattle Res. at BFI from 1960 to 1964. Then I left the company for a couple of years to work as an engineering aide for Boeing in New Orleans on the Saturn 5 project. In 1966, I moved back to Seattle and re-hired with Airwest and worked there until I transferred to the CRS office in San Mateo 1977. I was one of the CRS supervisors there until I left the company in 1980. After leaving the company and spending a long spell in hell in Clearlake, CA, I moved to Santa Rosa in 1991 and worked there as the Sonoma County Planning Department secretary until my retirement in late 2004. Within two days of my official retirement, the Mayflower van hauled me back to the glorious State of Warrrrrshington, where I am now living happily ever after and remodeling a 50 year old house in Vancouver.......that's the "real" Vancouver, not the "fake" one up in Canada. I'd love to hear from anyone who I worked with either at BFI or SFO or any of the other station people I used to talk to all the time, even though I may have never met you in person. Write me either at florencewheeler@aol.com or elysian@q.com.

Jim Wells


Station agent, Santa Maria, 1962.Senior Station agent, Santa Maria. 1963,
Assistant Manager, Monterey, 1964,
Station Manager, Stockton, 1965.
Station Manager, Eureka, 1967.
Station Manager, Houston, 1979.
Retired in Chico. Private flying now in a 1932 Ford.
Wife, Amy, 43 years.

Jimmy R. Wharton

I hired on with Hughes Airwest June 14, 1969 at the LAX facility.  I worked on the ramp, boarding gates, station operations and freight office in a 15 year career.  I left the airlines in December 1984 as a special incentive retiree.  I moved on to the Boeing Company as a procurement specialist and retired after 26 years on August 4, 2011.  I have very fond memories of my time with Hughes Airwest at the LAX facility. Met a lot of great people in those years!!! 


Niki Whitcomb, (now Good)


I am a former Hughes Airwest flight attendant, 1978-1984. I was based in LAS, PHX, and was one of the hail and hearty DEN base crew!! Boy did we have fun. I miss 'greasy' Jerr's r-rated jokes, Ormsby McKnight's smooth landings, and Jay the scheduler whining at me.  I live in Newport Beach now, and every once in a while I run into a former Airwest or Republic employee, which is always a walk down memory lane! Love this web site.....

Barry White

My career at Hughes Airwest was actually pretty short. I started my airline life with TWA in my hometown of Kansa City in 1966. Spent most of that time in Purchasing. When Hughes decided to move their Purchasing department from San Mateo to Phoenix in April of 1980, an opening came about. My folks had moved to PHX in 1962 so moving here had always sort of been in the plan. I interviewed for the job with Ed Dorris who some of you may remember. He hired me that day and 3 weeks later I was in my office at 3737 E. Bonanza Way. As the next few months passed several of my co-workers were offered positions in either ATL or MSP. Like a lot of other departments, some accepted and some left.

I was finally offered a move to MSP in late 1983. I declined. Stayed in the industry and ended up with America West from 87-01. Currently working for an FAA Repair Station in Tempe.

I really enjoyed my short time with Hughes. Coming from a monolith like TWA to a smaller more friendly group was a great experience.

Bill White

Started in 1968 as PHX F-27 F/O with Bonanza just prior to merge into AirWest. Furlough 1/1/70 for 51/2 years. Drove semis in road construction in AZ and hauling cattle all over the West. Recalled to Hughes in1975. After years of gear-jamming for a living, It was quite a sight the first time I saw one of our girls walk down the airstairs in cape and go-go boots! It was good to be part of this world again.  Upgraded to the DC-9 and moved from Phoenix to Prescott. Divorced and remarried in "82 and moved to DTW when Republic closed PHX in '85. Remained DC-9 Capt for reasons of seniority, love of the airplane and a preference for shorter legs with more landings. My back (and attitude) went south in '91. After a week of tests, Mayo said I was through. 

Back to AZ, built a house in Prescott. 24/7 of retirement too tense (don't golf, fish, fly, gamble,etc) so, after working with my house-framer son for a year, spent four summers building a log cabin in Montana. In '97 sold house & cabin and went to Sedona for 3 years. Then to Oregon (now my favorite place), 1+ yrs on the coast and 6+ in Portland area, while maintaining a second home in AZ for Barb who prefers to be close to family. Now back to one house in AZ  while we downsize, as in get rid of stuff. Then hope to get a small place in each state. 

Enjoy road travel, walking/hiking, reading, collecting (old photos, airline ephemera, old toy trucks,etc) and the natural world. Have also dabbled in political activism. Being in one place too long results in motion deprivation, and thus the email address.      Cheers, all!

Christina White



I hired on with RW 5/21/70 (of course as West Coast first).I was a secretary in SEA Reservations, then Inflight Services and went into Res in 1974.  I worked in LAX first then SEA.  When it closed, worked for a while at the Intl Air Academy in Vancouver WA, then on to LAX Res again.  In 1987 moved back up to SEA as secretary in CGO then back into Res when it opened up again.  To a CSA position in CGO in 1999 and am currently working at the ATO in Ops and anywhere else they want me.   We are living in Tacoma and I've just put in my retirement papers.  My retirement will be effective August 31, 2005.  I fell and hurt myself on the baggage belt and am recuperating from those injuries.  I don't wish to do more harm so am going to spend the next year getting my broken body back to shape. 

Julie White

I was a flight attendant in the first class that was hired when Republic took over (1980)...I was based in Phoenix and Las Vegas, and have lost touch with so many wonderful friends. I live in Atlanta Ga....I own a special events facility in Historic Roswell Ga...My website is www.kimballhall.com  I can be reached through my contact page.

Thanks so much for your help!  Kindest regards...Julie

Larry White
Larry White former chief crew scheduler, las, phx looking for long lost fellow employees from that period.

Ken  Whitford

I started part time in ONT after working previously with Golden West.  Wanting to up my game with a full time position, I applied for any position in the newly opening sta in Houston.  A supervisor position opened in San Diego.  I got that and left the humid environs to the Texans.

San Diego had this opening because we (ramp and ops) were also working the flights for Continental.  Well, as often happened at that time for many airlines, Continental left and San Diego was closed.  My options would be LAX or BUR.  I showed up for duty at BUR and soon found that having a tinge of brain damage would be required.  Planes were decorated in the interior pits with the wit of poets and ne뭙r do wells that found BUR as being the arse end of civilization.  Work, as it was called, was merely a case of loading and unloading a flight, go to breakfast, make it back in time, work another flight, send it out and then go get lunch.  Usually a Tommy뭩 chiliburger.  Always hanging over our heads was this rumor that BUR would close, and we thought the universe would collapse if they closed BUR.  It was our own personal playground, where almost on a daily basis we would see a Bob Hope, or Jerry Lewis, Robert Redford . . . you name them, they probably transited in and out of BUR.  The rumor proved to be true though, Burbank would close.  I tried LAX for about a month, but the wear and tear of driving 145 miles a day was too taxing, not just on me but the car as well.  I opted to quit.  I figured that any airline that couldn뭪 keep a name was due to change and that stations would open and close like criminals running a Ponzi scheme out of a back room of a tavern.  I got to see Hughes Airwest, Republic Airlines, and finally Northwest.  That was enough for me.  Since all that I have had every job imaginable.  Landscaper. Cable TV host.  Truck driver.  Probably missing a few.  While driving, I was at the Coors brewery pick up a load of beer, and met another driver telling me his mom is selling a house in KS for a mere 3k.  We made the trip 2 or 3 times to look at it, liked it and moved.  Like most fractured fairy tales, I was told I had prostate cancer.  As a younger man I should have it fully removed.  Wrong move!  The doc snipped some vein and in trying to get me back to well, it took 4 quarts more of oil and a second surgeon to help my doctor stop the flow of blood, and since, I have nerve damage in my foot of all places.  Feels like a torch on my foot all the time. 

I am a hoarder and do have Airwest bag tags, the long post card of our 727, a pack of unopened playing cards (Republic label) and lots of clippings from the L.A. Times about the upheaval in the airlines business.  It was really a great, great experience in my life though.  Never have regretted the moves and closures.  It taught me that life changes.  Cheers to Hughes Airwest.

Dewayne Wilkinson


I started for airwest in oct 1968 at spokane wa was there for 18 months then went to pasco wa for 7 years then to seattle for 7 and a half years then went on to msp until i retired in july 1999. my wife and i reside in pine city mn.

485 7th AVE. N. E.

Eric Wilson



I had a wonderful career starting with Southwest Airway in 1957.  Although I continued  beyond RW, to RC and then NW, some of my fondest memories are with the Stations Department.   I feel fortunate to have many nice friends from those days.   During post RW,  I have always been proud and frankly, feel a littlespecial, to say that I had been with Hughes Airwest.   While with NW, I had a heart attack.   After working awhile longer, I decided  I뭗 be dead at the job if I continued, so I retired to my condominium on the inter-coastal waterway in Cortez, Florida  (between Tampa and  Sarasota). Recently  Susan and I married (June, 2001), the ceremony being performed while sailing the Gulf.  Currently I keep busy traveling, sailing and a little part-time Bridgetending (thus my e-mail address).  I walk to the bridge which leads to Anna Maria Island and open/close it, letting the sailboats pass by.  I too wish to thank Tom and the others that workso hard on this site.  Hello to all of you that I know.  

James L. Wilson

I started with Bonanza April 67 in the instrument shop and was transferred to Atlanta in 1982, then I  retired June 2001 from final assembly.  I  moved back to Glendale with my wife ( Susie ) where we bought a home just four doors down from our old home.  We have the same neighbors, same friends and same church after being away for 19 years.  We love it here! 

Marian Wilson

Started with West Coast in SEA, August 1967,  in Personnel, not long before the merger with Pacific and Bonanza. After merger, as I was closing out Personnel, Rusty Rostad offered me a job in sales, working for him, Terry Grimm, Bill Gerrard, and Jim Davenport. AirWest soon became Hughes Airwest, and I was then very fortunate to work for Mike Conroy, Bill Gerrard, Bud Stokes, and Glen Bottemiller in Seattle sales as a secretary.  I was promoted to sales representative before Republic acquired Hughes Airwest, and remained as a sales representative for Northwest after the Republic/Northwest merger.  Moved to Vancouver, Canada, into a one-person office as sales manager for Northwest, before Northwest started flying to Vancouver. Worked as sales manager for Northwest/KLM until retirement.  Retired in October 2001.  Would love to hear from everyone, and anyone who is coming to Vancouver, please, please get in touch, so I can see you. Thanks to Tom Bailey for all his efforts on this wonderful web site.
Susan Wilson

I began my career with RW in PHX Purchasing, where I first met my husband. Yes, he typed his own requisitions.   I moved to MSP after the acquisition by RC, working in Purchasing, then Reservations, then at MSP ATO, my current position location . I'm anxious to soon retire to Cortez, FL

Joe Wilson

I started in 68 with Bonanza res in LA, then to the airport and have been
there ever since. 

Ted Wirch

Still flying, guess I am too scared to steal and too lazy to work. For the last seven years I have been involved with the Salmon Recovery Project for the US Geological Survey, Biological Division. Mainly what my flying is all about is tracking salmon and Caspian Terns.

Charles Wood

I was a station agent for Hughes Airwest from Feb 1977 to April 1980, starting at SFO, moving toSJC from April 1977 to Aug 1977, and then working SAN from Sept 77 to April 80.  I left Hughes Airwest to pursue a flying career as a pilot. I enjoyed my time at Hughes as a station agent, working with some very interesting and fun people. Hughes was a great company. I received a Top Banna pin for a job well done while a station agent at SAN. I flew for the U S Navy from 1981 to 1987 and have been employed by US Air/US Airways from Aug 1987 to present as a pilot. This is a great web-sight, a good find.

Warren Wood
I started working West Coast Airlines in 1964, then Hughes Airwest. Retired in 1989. Now live in Leduc Alberta.  Would love to hear from some of the old gang.

Dave Woodrell

I was hired as a pilot for HAW on 31 May 77 and immediately went to Saudi Arabia for 18 months.  Upon repatriation I went to SEA, until bumped to LAS and finally MSP, due to the RC/RW merger.  I am now based in SEA for NWA, flying as an A330 Captain.  Retire on 22 Sept 06

Kenny Woodward


I began as a cleaner at Phoenix in 1969 working the grave shift. It was the beginning of a time when I met and worked with the most fun and interesting people in my life. Those of us who remain are still closer than most brothers and sisters and our feelings grow stronger with every passing year.

I held positions as mechanic, supervisor and manager of maintenance in Phoenix ad after the Republic buy-out moved to the East coast as manager for White Plains, Laguardia, Kennedy, Dulles, Miami, Memphis and then to Atlanta as the director of maintenance.

I left NWA in 86 to return to Phx and the original RW hangar to help Standard Aero and then Dynair and then went out to open the fixed base operations for Dalfort Corp in the old Navy hangar located in Goodyear. I had the opportunity to work for Jorgy in the overseas operations as the project, manager  in Accra ghana with aircraft N9332.

I left aircraft maintenance in 88 to open my own indoor shooting range in Mesa Az. It was the closest thing I could have done to duplicate the wonderful and interesting people of my airline days. Caswell Shooting range became one of the most successful businesses of it's kind in the Southwest. However I decided to make a break and sold the range and holster businesses in December of 09 and retired.

My wife and I are currently building a home in the pines near Show Low Arizona. We also have a home in Phoenix and in Ocean Park, Wa. We plan to spend our time wherever the weather is the best at the time.

We would love to hear from or be able to meet and visit with anyone in those areas, so send an e-mail.

Lynn Zambon


John Zielinski

I started with Pacific Airlines in 1967 at SFO. lugging water cans up the rear steps of a Martin 404 as ground personal. I transferred to Monterey with my family in 1969.  When RW left MRY in 1979, I joined my wife in the real estate business in Carmel Valley. The last few years I have been spending most of my time buying and remodeling homes. We are still here and are both working with The Mitchell Group Real Estate on the Monterey Peninsula. We are planning on part time retirement next winter when we will spend about five months in our condo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This year we will go for the months of December and January. I'm an artist and will spend much of the time painting.