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Perhaps the single most recognized aviation feat of Howard Hughes, the Hughes Flying Boat, a.k.a. the "Spruce Goose," has been seen by millions over the years at it's original restoration site in Long Beach next to the Queen  Mary.

 In the early '90s, the Spruce Goose was moved from Long Beach to its current location in McMinnville, Oregon, home of Evergreen International Aviation's "Evergreen Aviation Museum."  Long time friend of Howard Hughes and a member of the Hughes Airwest Board of Directors, Jack Real was very much involved in the project.

This page features photos of the Spruce Goose provided by and/or involving former RW people.  More info about this wonderful aircraft can be found by visiting the Evergreen Aviation Museum website here:



Hughes Airwest Day
on board
The Spruce Goose

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RVS takes "the left seat"

The RW Gang!

In 1978, The Board of Directors along with the employees of Hughes Airwest were invited to tour the famous "Flying Boat" that was designed, built and then flown by Howard Hughes.  At the time, the "Spruce Goose" as it was called by many, was housed along side of the Queen Mary in Long Beach.  It has since been moved to the Evergreen Aviation Museum located on Highway 18 in McMinnville, Oregon, approximately 35 miles southwest of Portland,  Jack Real, life long friend of HRH, directed the monstrous transoportation and reassembling project  More info about the new home of the Spruce Goose can fe found at: