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Eddie Qualls
I started with Airwest in July 1968 as a station agent right after the merger.  I worked in catering for the first few years then moved into operations.  I later bid the ramp when we took over working our own ramp.  I stayed in San Francisco until May 1993 when I transferred to Memphis.  I still work the ramp in Memphis and will probably remain there until hopefully I retire. I still run into a few of the people who started with either AirWest or Hughes Airwest. 
Jimmee Quamley
I was hired in July of 1977 and currently residing in Southern Calif.  I am  based in LAX. Thanks for getting this site going.   

Maria Dolores Ramirez

I started iln 1974 with RW, I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and am off for a few months trying to sell real estate, my buyers are driving me nuts, I go back to flying next month, I am based in Detroit and am pro-union, there is a reason pilots have one??!!!!  I am based in Detroit, my other email is mariadolores1@aol.com

Mike Rameriz

I joined Hughes Airwest in 1977 as a crew scheduler in Las Vegas domicile, then moved on to Flight Control in San Mateo, until the merger with Republic Airlines.  In 1982 I left Republic and joined Pan American World Airways in Flight Control until its dismiss in December of 1991.  In 1995 I joined United Airlines, flight dispatch, and then moved un to the Air Traffic Organization working as an ATS Representative, and Manager of FANS (Future Air Navigation Systems) Implementation for Latin America.  In 1997 I was hired by ARINC Incorporated as Director of Marketing and Sales for the Latin American region, based in the town of Weston, Florida.

Roberto R. Ramirez, CTC

I am Roberto Ramirez Hired in Guaymas Mexico in 1973 through 1992, and memories from those years are so vivid when you see all the names of people that I once work with.  After leaving GYM I went to LAP, SJD, MZT, GDL and CUN, then I decided to leave the company and return to my hometown of GYM for a little while, now I reside in Scottsdale and have been involved in travel and hotel business.  Those years were memorable we were a family proud to belong to it, and thank you Tom for the effort of putting this together.

Bill Ramsey

I was hired in the October 12 F/A Class of 1974.  I worked as a flight attendant for about a year and was based in LAS and PHX.  In the fall of 1975 I applied for, and was hired as a Crew Scheduler.  My base was the General Office in San Mateo, and later SEA and LAS as crew scheduling was de-centralized back to the crew bases.  A few months later it was announced that the company was going to hire pilots off the street in early 1976.  Since I had about  3,000 hours in a light airplane I applied for a pilot job.   I was interviewed by Mr. Ed Altman and Captain George Locke.  I was accepted for the May 11, 1976 Pilot class.  While at RW I flew  co-pilot on the F-27 and DC-9.  I also was fortunate to hold Captain on the F-27 for about 2 months right after the agent strike. (John Brunton eat your heart out!!--just kidding, John!).  During that time I flew the final revenue flight of the F-27 from Crescent City, Ca. to Arcata, Ca. then to SFO.  My crew for that flight was F/O Craig Friday and F/A Karen Vercellino. Karen made the last flight quite memorable!   Since then I have been based in PHX, SFO, SEA, and MSP.  I am still flying for Northwest.  My current position is DC-10 captain.  I will turn 60 in July, 2010 so I have a way to go yet.  Even with the hardships today's airline employee faces, I still really enjoy the job.  My best wishes to all of my coworkers from RW.  I hope to see you some time at a reunion, retirement party, Oshkosh, etc.....

Jerry Ramey 



I was hired as a FO by Pacific Airlines in 1965, and then moved back to Seattle after the merger. Took early retirement due to arthritis and my last flight was in 1984.  Still miss it.  Since then I've refurbished 3 airplanes and overhauled 2 of the engines. We have two children, two devoted schnauzers and I'm still married to Carol.  Our daughter Jodie, is a FO for Alaska Airlines.  We've spent the past nine years in the Methow Valley.  Beautiful country but I'm tired of plowing snow for 6 months out of the year.  We are now living in Payson, AZ.

Address: 721 W Sherwood Dr.
Payson,  Arizona, 85541

Marilyn Redmond


I was hired in May of 1966 as  Swithboard Operator - PHX when Bonanza moved from LAS.  Also did Employee's Club work and am still involved. (See Reunions)  In 1973 I became Sales Secretary for the PHX Region, went on medical leave in1980.  After a short time in LAX reservations, I took early retirement.  I enjoyfriends and family and do some traveling.  Hope to see you all at the Phoenix Reunion on Nov 5, 2005

Betty Richardson

RW-Res  22Jan79 retired from NW SEA Res. on 1jun90   My husband, Phil, retired from KING-TV in 1991 and we purchased an acre in Eatonville WA where we built a home and shop.  Still have Cairn terriers although I do not show or breed any more.  I am still weaving and spinning, and have taken up quilting.  I also am still doing dog portraits in watercolors on commission.  Phil keeps busy in his wood shop.   Retirement is great!

I have had some health problems, had my aortic valve replaced and a by-pass on my birthday in 1999, followed  by a new knee the next year and extensive back surgery last year.  Phil says I am now the bionic woman and Jim McDowel reminds me (my valve is from a bull) to not graze too close to the road.  Our address is
4313 Christensen-Muck Road E
Eatonville, WA  98328

Don Rickel

DonRickel 1.jpg


I opened the first airlines sales office in EUG on May 15, 1972 for RW. We were very competitive with UAL and held our own with the "yellow bananas". Was very lucky to be on the staff and co-workers of Rusty Rostad, Ed LeShane, Don Cooper and assistant Carol over in BOI, Glenn Bottemiller, Rob Priest and Dick Fouts. Great year in EUG with C.A.B. hearings with our pull out from CVO and RBG. Worked with Dick Fitzgerald and Mike Murphy on that. On May 1973 I was promoted to DSM-BUR. Wonderful time there at the small, but fun Hollywood-Burbank Airport. Worked with Jack Stoops, Joe Cadenhead, Mike Conroy, Frank Arciga, "Johnny" and great folks at BUR Airport. With assistance from Jean Wade (Casseli) and work with Russ Stephenson, we launched a "Two Beers from Burbank" promo for flights between LAS and BUR. Increase marketshare by 17% with no additional seats. This promo was in June of 1974 and really put BUR on the map. October 1974 moved to San Mateo and the "Building on the Hill" as the Manager of Agency Sales. Worked with Dick Neal and oversaw the carriers program with the travel agency community. Great job and at that time the 57% of the total revenue came from travel agents. Not so today, I'm afraid. Many fun and great times during that period, but one really challenge came in 1975 when President Nixon wanted to ration fuel to all carriers. Was lucky to be a part of team lead my Mike Murphy to lobby people in the State of Oregon to pressure Congress to allow RW to get its needed fuel. We won and got our fuel. Sad day in September 1975 when I was part of the fellow workers to get the "laid off" notice. Though my stay at RW was short, but worked with and got to know some of the best people ever. From that time, I could write the book on downsizing, merged out of business, over qualified, etc. but was lucky enough to work for several other airlines in the Pacific Northwest in the past years. Long story short, was in PDX with Wien Air Alaska, Jet America and then Alaska Airlines, where I do not draw a short retirement, Still working and need to keep on going, so am working as an Independent Contractor marketing a International motivational speaker, marketing a health supplement has saved my son's life and improved my wife's Fibromyalgia. Living in Beaverton, Oregon a short hop and skip from PDX. Would love to hear from some of the old gang and what's up with your lives. Reach me at: jdrckl@comcast. net. Thanks for wonderful times and memoirs at RW. We were the best, period.

Still working part time marketing for a auto body and collision repair company along with three other woman. Great duty.  Marketing the low cost health benefits program for people saving hundreds on the medical bills--contact me at my email


Ed Riederich



Sept 1962-attended Weaver Airline Personnel School in Kansas City (still hold my free life-time placement card).  Hired by BL to work in LAS Res above the old hanger at McCarren Field.  March 1963 Moved across the field to the present location.  Worked in Communications, above the ticket counter, next to Res and Dispatch.  Moved to PHX in 1966 to the new G.O.  Transfered to LAS Res later in 1966 and stayed until it closed. Then moved to PHX Res, stayed about a year and transfered to SFO CRC, then to SFO Res, where I met my wife, Sandy, and we are still living happily married ever after.  In 1971, moved to PHX Res until just before they closed.  Transfered to DTW counter in 1984.  Worked there until 1989.  Back to SEA counter and SEA Res.  In 1992 transfered back to the counter until March 8, 1999-Retired.  Enjoy restoring old houses, cars, furniture, trunks and crank phones.  Like is good!  Retirement is awesome.

Update:  Ed and Sandy now reside in  Ritzville, WA.

Paul Ring

While seeking employment with the engineering department of Airwest in Phoenix, Marilyn Redmond suggested that I take a job as a station agent to get my foot in the door.  There was an opening at the Grand Canyon and she set me up with an interview. I started with Hughes Airwest that summer. That was May of 1971.    I worked at the Grand Canyon for six months and since it was seasonal and they cut back during winter, I was laid off. I returned to Scottsdale and back to work at Motorola as a printed circuit board designer. In June of '72, I got a call back to the Canyon. After working three months and fearing another layoff for the winter, I took a transfer that opened up in Las Vegas. Working at the Grand Canyon spoiled me. We got a chance to work all the positions; ticket counter, load and unload baggage and passengers, do the weight and balance and take the weather every hour and call Prescott flight service. We had to get a weather license from the Salt Lake City weather center. Working there was pure pleasure.   While in Las Vegas, I couldn't get use to doing just one thing over and over although I did enjoy working in operations when I got the chance. In February of '74 I left on my own and returned to good ole Motorola as a pcb designer.     June of '74 I finally got a call to work in the engineering department in Phx. My brother Larry was already working there as the designer/draftsman so I joined him. While there almost five years, I enjoyed my job and met and worked with many great people.   I left Airwest April of '79 and went back to work as a pcb designer at various companies around the country. I ended up here in Lebanon, Missouri and been here ever since. Small towns are great. I spend most of my days working with my brother once again. He is a coppersmith and makes 18th century copperware. It keeps me busy.

Ron Roberts

I was hired as a station agent by West Coast Airlines on July 27, 1959, In Spokane, Wa. and worked here until April of 1983. Wwhen Republic closed several stations in the RW ystem, I transferred to PHX. where  I injured my back and had two surgeries before being able to return to work. I was assigned to LAX ( I was so happy to get back to work, that I would have gone anywhere).  That was in 1987 and in 1989, I transferred to SEA, where I worked until 1992.  I transferred to Spokane in 1992 and retired in 1998.  I had gone through the Airwest merger, the Hughes Airwest buyout, and the Republic buyout.  When I went to LAX, it was my iniatation into Northwest.  My wife, Jan, and I live in Spokane, as do our three kids and six grandkids. We pretty much spend all of our free time in the summer at our water property near Sandpoint, Id.  The winter is spent attending sporting events, school functions, Etc., of our grandkids. There are several former Hughes Airwest people in the Spokane area, and some of us get together quite often. In fact, there is a get-together on April 18 in Issaquah, Wa.If anyone visits the Spokane area, please call us at (509) 926-6019 or (509)990-0050.

Larry B. Robinson



I retired from Northwest Airlines April 15 2003.  I started my career with Huges up at the Grand Canyon in 1974.  From there I was transferred to San Diego, which I hated and then went to Salt Lake City.  From Salt Lake City I transferred back to Phoenix which is my home town having been raised in Mesa Arizona.  I was cut from Phoenix and then was forced into Detroit where I stayed for a couple of years.  I then remarried and moved to Memphis where we raised a son and stayed for 16 years.  It was getting time to think about retiring so I was lucky to be able to get transferred back to Phoenix which is where I retired from.  I now live with my wife in Mesa right where the rest of my family lives.

Shirley Rogers

Hired at WCA 6-22-1959. I retired from NWA 8-01-2005. I moved to MSP in 1985 after being based in SEA and briefly in Atlanta. I can't believe I am still here. My WCA and HAW days are very precious to me. I have remained single, so am now an old lady with a cat. I have had a bad battle with breast cancer but am doing very well now and have my health back. Best wishes to you all.

Bill Roll


I was hired on April 4,1966 with West Coast Airlines in Seattle flying out of Boeing Field at the time.  I started on the DC-3 and soon we were duel qualified on the F-27.  We flew trips that used both aircraft.  I couldn't have been happier being hired with only 250 hours at 22.  I flew my first Captain trip at 27 in the F-27.  I went through all the mergers and was never furloughed.  I was based in Seattle until they moved all the Fairchild time to Portland for a year and then back to Seattle.  At 34 my next Captain position was on the DC-9 based in SFO for 3 months got a Capt. bid back to SEA.  When they closed SEA I went to ATL for 2 years and then they moved the DC-9 time to MEM.  I retired off the A320 Airbus based in DTW.  I count myself blessed to have flown the DC-3 with old technology and finish with the fly by wire A320 and all during the first 100 years of aviation.
In 2000 I moved to Bellevue, Washington.  My wife Gloria and I enjoy driving vacations and boating.


Carmon Rowen
Started in 1968 May 01 with Bonanza Airlines  PHX, Tech. Instrument & Radio Shop for Dir. Joe-Bon Smith + 36 Other Tech's.  1969 AirWest,  R & E Tech. Hangar & Flight Line mtc. 1972 Hughes Airwest,   R & E Tech. Hangar & Flight Line mtc. Had a great time working all over the world,  for R.K. Jorgenson ExVP, overseas operation  Temporary assigned to work with Airlines like 1973 Toa Domestic Airlines in Tokyo, Japan, Aircraft Technical Rep. DC9 1975 NorcanAir in Alberta, Canada, Aircraft Technical Rep.F-27 1977 Royal Nepal Airlines  in Katmandu Nepal, Aircraft Technical Rep.B-727-100 1979 Philippine Airlines in the Manila Philippines, Aircraft Technical Rep.B-727-200  1980 Republic Airlines Lead Tech MEM Flight lines 1986 Northwest Airlines Lead Tech Flt Line, Hgr & Eng & Comp. Shops ATLanta GA Now NWA - ATL  Lead Tech. Aircraft Tooling Dept.

UpDate: Carmon Rowen:I have bid Back to PHX, Arrived on Fathers Day, and now living in Ahwatukee, and working as,Lead Tech. of the Plant Maintenance Crew.It is sad to see the old PHX Hagar being torn down now.It is even more sad to hear that ATL Mtc Base is Closing,Layoff Notice's going out 15Dec02 for all in ATL 
Mary Harris Russell

I flew for Bonanza starting in 11/27/67.  From there we merged and merged ending with Northwest. I now live in Temecula,Ca. and miss everyone.   My husband, Marshall, is a Merchant Marine Officer and at this time I have a  son, who is a senior in high school and a daughter that graduated from high school last year.  Temecula is a beautiful place in wine country and an hour north of San Diego and 35 min. from the beach. Before moving here I finally got my degree in teaching and have enjoyed substitute teaching at the high school and elementary school.  If any of my airline friends ever come down this way, please let me know, we'd love to have you. 

Laurie Rybaczyk

     I was hired in June, 79' and was in the last flight attendant class of Hughes Airwest.  At the same time the company was just opening the Denver base domicile.  After training, I spent a month in LAS on TDY before I eagerly moved to DEN.  I experienced a furlough just months after I was hired, but other than that, I spent the entire time in DEN until Republic closed the base in 1982.  I still have my "I survived the DEN closure" t-shirt.  I was transferred to LAS, then to Atlanta, Detroit, and back to LAS...still maintaining the bottom reserve status at all bases and getting bounced around like a superball.  The merger effected my seniority and stability so I eventually decided to quit and start over.       In 1983, I took another flight attendant position with The Hawaii Express (HE) based out of Los Angeles. (It was the Club Med of the airline industry at the time). "Party in the Sky" was the motto.  So I went from"Top Banana" in the West to the "Big Pineapple" in the Sky.  Within a year, the Big Pineapple got sliced (the airline filed bankruptcy) and I bid a final farewell to a career in the friendly skies.     I worked five years in the interior design industry before attending grad school to earn a Masters Degree in Counseling.  I have been working as a counselor for over 13 years now and have been living in Newport Beach, CA since 1994.     I have nothing but the greatest memories from my years with Hughes Airwest.  My friends and co-workers from DEN and LAS were the best!  It was a fun job and an exciting career.  I'd love to keep in touch.  Thanks to Tom for making this website happen.

Pete Saavedra

Was hired on with Air West in Las Vegas. 10 Oct 68   Went through last half of merger.. Stayed in Las until 03 June 85 with Republic. Got transferred to Memphis, been here ever since. Fixing to retire, as they say here in the south, in March of 2003.

Ken Sanford


I worked for Bonanza Air Lines at Orange County Airport in 1958 & 59.  I then went to the East Coast and worked for Eastern Airlines, the Air Transport Association of America, Pan American World Airways (in the NYC Headquarters), and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Montreal and Geneva.  I retired from IATA in 1998 after 40 years in the airline industry. I now live in Oxford, Connecticut.I attended the Reunion which was held in Phoenix in 1997. I would be pleased to get in touch with other people who worked for Bonanza in 1958 & 59.

Linda Scerri


W.H. Schmidt (Bill)

I was hired Oct. 13, 1958, at that time the airline was called Southwest Airways, approx. 2 weeks later the airline name changed to Pacific Airlines and I think everyone knows the rest. I remained with the Airline until last July when I retired, just short of 42 yrs.

I was really surprised to find out that Hughes Airwest had a web page, really is great! Nice job. Thanks for all the individuals who put the web page together and keeping it up to date.

Tom Schoenherr


I hired on in PHX on 28Jun76 as an R&E mechanic.  I bid to ATL in April of '83 to the instrument shop. Went back to the hangar/line in '86.  Transferred upstairs to the harness/metrology department in '95.  I will be retiring this fall.

Judee Schuster

I started flying with BAL (Fun Jet) in 1965.I married and quit flying to live in Europe with my husband.I came back to work for AW in 1971 and I'm still flying (although,I have sinced divorced).Iv'e been fortunate enough to complte a full circle.I started my flying career on the F-27 and now fly as a purser on the 747.Iv'e had many wonderful experiences and still love my job!I'm based in LAX and fly mostly Asia.

Bob Scott
Started with Bonanza in FLG in Aug of 1959, then 4 year loa due Uncle Sam was looking for me.  Spent 2 years of my Air Force time near Istanbul, Turkey at a remote site named Karamsul Air Station.  After the Air Force went to YUM and when TUS opened I transfered to TUS as a supervisor.  Took Medical LOA  in 1995 due to a couple heart attacks and open heart by-pass surgery.  I still live in TUS and see Hank Puryear often.  He and I are both members of the DAV number 28 here in TUS.  Also in contact with Charlie Campbell and Joe Lewis both former Bonanza, Airwest, Hughes Airwest & Northwest employees.  Charlie retired, Joe still working here is TUS. 

Jan Scott janscott2001@gmail.com

I started my career with RW in 1976 in TBM (Ticket By Mail) in HQ-San Mateo. Eventually moved in to Res and then Res Supervisor. Transitioned over to World Airways with Charlotte Peters. I was Asst. Res. Mgr. There wasnt Res. Mgr. From World Airways I went to Hailey Travel (acquired by American Express Travel) in Los Altos, CA as a supervisor on the Burroughs/Memorex Account. From there I was courted by United Airlines, SFO Res. I spent 10 years with them. Was then courted by Maritz Travel in 1985 and became their West Coast Trainer. Then owned a Curves in Petaluma from 2006-2011. Im now retired and an Independent Stylist with Stella & Dot.


Diane Seward

In the fall of 1961 I was hired as a air hostess at BAL.  We owned 6 airplanes --all F-27A SilverDarts.I was in the first class that did not receive DC-3 training.  After 3 years in the desert I chose to quit and move to the Pacific Northwest  where I was hired by West  Coast Airlines.  Not many months later, I decided to marry and so I quit a second time--because  marriage and flying was  a concept that was not discussed in the same sentence.  Days later, I decided that I still wanted flying more than marriage so--WCA was willing to rehire me and this time,I stayed through two marriages and divorces and many airline changes until 08-02.  At WCA I was based in SEA and flew on DC-3's, F-27's, and DC-9-10 and 30's .  Then came Air Worst (upps- West)  and  then Hughes Airwest where I worked onboard 727-200's.  Also, I became a union activist and stayed active for twenty years.  Then came Republic Airlines, deregulation, paycuts, base closures (including wonderful SEA).  I commuted to MSP for a short time and eventually transferred and moved to MEM.I worked onboard  MD80's and 757's.   By this time, because of the social attitude, the number of men that sought the job, and equal-rights legislation, we finally became Flight Attendants.  In 1986 Northwest Orient Airlines bought Republic Airlines-----such a long way from WCA.  I was based in LAX and finally back to SEA, and I worked onboard DC-10-30's and -40's, A319's and A320's, 747-200's and 400's.  I retired as a NWA purser.  I believe that I worked through a great era in airline history and was  privileged to work in the same industry for my entire career; however, the time and people I remember with love is my time at Bonanza, West Coast, and Hughes Airwest.  I live outside Seattle, am  a gardener, and do some local volunteer work.

George Shaner

Date of hire BAL 28 Jan 1957 base Las Vegas.  Presently residing in Southwest Mo.  I would like to make contact with William F. Smith.  Last known base Seattle, in the early 80's.  I would also be glad to hear from anyone else. If George Brinkop has recent information on Erich Hartmann DOD, I would appreciate it.

John (Jack) Shettler

I hired with Bonanza way back in March of 1966 in Las Vegas.  Worked in Phx,Den,Hou,Mem,Lax and back to Las where I took an early retirement in Nov of 1993. Not that I wanted to retire but got tired of bumping around the system.  We now have a doublewide in Tempe,AZ and an A frame in PA.  Winters in Phx and summers in PA. I would be pleased to hear from anyone.
Jerry Shipp

I was hired in Oct., 1963 by BAL, worked in Las in teletype, transferred to Phx with the company in 1966. Transferred in early 1969 to Flight Dispatch in Sfo as asst. dispatcher. I was RIFed in Feb, 1970, went back to Phx in Maint. Control as an aircraft router and stayed in that position until l was furloughed in Oct., 1971. I met my wife, Janelle, while she worked in Phx Res. We married in Sept 1971 and stayed married for 30 years, til we divorced. After being let go from the airlines, l went to work for Smitty's SuperValue there in Phx. Worked in the stockroom at first, untill l transferred to the meat department in 1972. After a two year apprenticeship program, l became a meat cutter and stayed in that position until l retired on Jan 1, 2002. In Nov, 2002, l bought a place in Lakeside, Az., moved up here and am happy to be out of that god-awful heat and polution of Phx...a little cold, a little snow, a little rain....but, what the heck...life is good up here in God's Country.

Dick Shriber

I was hired as an RW pilot in 1968, retired from NWA in 1996 and have been working and living in Humble,Texas since  1987.  I started a convenience store , a restaurant and a bar at Cypress Lakes. It is sort of like the Oil Well down here, it is a hole in the ground only you throw money "into It" instead of take money out of it...Good luck with the site and addresses and yes it is unfortunate that the list is shrinking but no one is telling where the "Fountain Of Youth" is located...

Sandi Shull


Ves Shultz



Started with Pacific in 1966, went on medical with Republic as DC-9 Capt in 1984.  Would like to hear from some of the folks I use to fly with. The picture was taken in Detroit with a friends airplane (Varga) Dick Rohn
who is now an airbus captain in Detroit

Vyron W. Shultz


I was emp as a Pacific Pilot, then Airwest, started with them as a !st Officer in 1967 and was furloughed in 1970 never to return.   I ended up with a non sched as a Capt on the old DC-3 .

Vyron W. Shultz
3707 Pocatello St
Irving Tex 75062 
Tel 972-594-1406

Ray Simons


By the time I retired (1995) we had grown so big that I had lost track of most of our Hughes Airwest family. Thank you for all your efforts to bring us all back together.  

Raymond (Ray) Simons 
2632-23rd Avenue West, Apt 3                     
Seattle, WA 98199
(206) 473-8226


Nancy K. Simpson



Started as Ticket Agent in Boise, Idaho 11-12-67 for West Coast Airlines. I was promoted by Eric Wilson to be Assistant Station Manager in Salt Lake City in 1976.   Then opened the Milwaukee Station for Hughes Airwest in 1978.  I left Republic in 1982 due to a Reduction in Force with the 15% pay cuts.  I loved working for Hughes Airwest!  I spent 4 years with Milwaukee based Midwest Express Airlines as their first Reservations Manager from 1984-1988. I then went into the Kitchen and Bath Industry for 11 years. 

Art Smith

I started with Hughes Airwest 6/07/72 in Santa Maria Calif. (SMX) part time then after six months went full time. I was transferred to Palm springs (PSP) 12/20/75 where I worked for fourteen months before transferring to Santa Barbara. I returned to Santa Maria in August of 1978 as a senior agent to close that station in March of 1979 after deregulation. I then was transferred to Fresno which I helped in closing in April of 1985. I am now an equipment service chief in Los Angeles cargo and hoping to retire in seven years. It is not as much fun now as it was under the Hughes Airwest days, it now is just a job.


Brooke Smith

I graduated from FA training up on the hill on June 7, 1978 and was dispatched to LAS with several of my classmates.  Took an early retirement a few years back when they were offered.  Wow, I sure do miss everyone! 

Education seems to be my way of filling the gap from not flying any more.  I love going to school and being around all the high energy of the younger kids.  Keeps me young.

Currently, I am living in Livermore, CA with my husband, son, dog, and cat.  Please feel free to call or email and let's spend some time catching up! 

Brooke Smith
(925) 858-0773

Rob Smith

Hired 05JUL1966 as Station Agent/BFL. Transferred to SFO as Senior Station Agent/Acting Res Spvsr. In Res for about one year. In 1969 transferred to Crew Scheduling/SFO. Crew Schedular/Senior Crew Schedular till 1988. During that period I was in SFO/SEA/MSP. After four years in MSP Crew Scheduling transferred to MSP Ticket Counter and got a bid back to SFO Counter in 1989. Retired from there July 2004. Moved to Indiana. Have condo in Pattaya, Thailand where I do volunteer work at an orphanage 2-3 months at a time about twice a year. Am thankful to Jim Arnone/PHX for telling me about this website. Have been able to get in contact with a number of my "old" friends including Lee Littlejohn/PHX who is trying to get a reunion of us BFL guys together. What fun that would be.

Ted Smith
January 1960 I was hired by Bonanza Air Lines as a Station Agent in Las Vegas, NV.  Married my wife Linda in October 1960.  Went through the BL-PC-WC merger what a total system wide fiasco that was.  But, we survived!  Hughes Airwest management and all of the employees working together brought the airline back from the brink of disaster and built it into a fine airline.  For a number of years I also served as a Union Chairman, was a member of several negotiating committees, member of the System Board of Adjustment and finally served as Master Chairman before leaving Hughes Airwest after 18 years in 1978.  I returned a year later in 1979 as an Assistant Station Manager in Phoenix, AZ. I remained in that position until it was eliminated in May of 1985 when Republic decided there would only be the 3 hubs of DTW, MEM & MSP.  We returned to the Southern Nevada area and I kind of semi-retired.  Currently Im just plain old retired and love it.  Linda and I enjoy traveling around the country and Canada in our motor home and plan to continue this wonderful activity as long as we both remain in good health.

Jan Soderstrom


I worked at Hughes Airwest from 1974 to 1980. My last position was Sr. Director of Sales/Marketing and was responsible for advertising, marketing research, and promotions. I left shortly after the sale to Republic to join Atari (video games) where I became VP Advertising. I left Atari in 1983 for a brief stint at the Gap Stores as Sr. Vice President of Marketing. In 1985 I joined Visa International, where I spent 14 years culminating as Executive Vice President of Marketing. In 1999 I was courted by the high-tech industry and joined 3Com as their CMO/Sr. Vice President of Global Marketing. I was ready for a break from the corporate world in 2002 and formed my own consulting business (SOMO partners) and took on consulting assignments for 6 years. I ended up going back to work full time for one of the companies I consulted with and now am Chief Marketing Officer for SunPower Corporation provider of solar energy solutions for homes, businesses and utility/power plants around the world.

My husband,  Mike Moone,  and I live in Menlo Park, California, but also have homes in the Palm Springs area and at Kirkwood (in the Tahoe area) where we spend our recreation time. Our two sons, Michael age 25 and Matt age 22, are both out of college and working in the SF area. Our passions are spending time with our sons, skiing (snow and water), tennis and hiking. I also serve on a variety of Boards both for profit and not for profit.

Roger Solt

I was hired in YKM by West Coast Airlines in 1958, then worked in BOI (relief agent), then PDX, back to BOI and then back to YKM as a Chief Agent, and on to MCI when Republic left the West Coast.  Had a great time with a lot of very good folks associated with Hughes Airwest.  I was active with ALEA as Local Chairman, contract negotiating committee and grievance committee for many years.  Retired in 1999 and moved to Port Townsend, Wash., and have since moved to Florida.11
Juan Sparhawk

I have continued to work in the Wholesale Travel Industry to Mexico.  I live in Bellevue, WA and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and like what I do, so this is retirement for me.

Denny Stark


Rick Steele



I browse the Hughes Airwest web site and each time I do I say I'm going to come back tomorrow and put my bio in and you know how that goes.  Well tomorrow is here.
I hired on at BFI 6/22/1966 as a station agent with West Coast at the age of 19.  I survived West Coast/Airwest/HughesAirwest with a move from BFI to SEA thrown in there, on to Republic and then, of course, Northwest.  I hit one little bump around 1985 or so when i was furloughed by Republic, but rather that transfer, I took the lay off and was called back in about 6 months and was on the payroll when the Northwest acquisition took place.  I worked the ramp for NWA for a year or so, and then transferred to SEA air cargo where I had a nice cushy warehouse job for the next 20 some years driving a fork lift.  The only suitcase I ever touched after that was my own when I was taking a trip.  I retired 6/22/2008, 42 years to the day I hired in, and I never left Seattle my whole career.
I have a wonderful daughter from my first marriage and she has blessed me with 2 wonderful grandchildren.  One girl and one boy and they are so tuned in and smart they scare me.  Can't figure how they got stuck with me.
I was married to Donna 11 years ago.  We have a small fixer-upper in Green Valley, Az. just south of TUS.  Donna is still working, I spend as much time down there as I can get away with and our plan is to move there ASAP.
Whenever I'm sitting in a bar somewhere in the world, swapping tales of what it was like in the old days, I talk about the West Coast/Airwest/Hughes Airwest days because it brings a warmth to my heart and a smile to my face.  After those days it was just a job.
Attached is a photo of Donna and I taken Sept. 2009 on the isle of Rhodes, Greece.  I foresee a lot more trips like that.
There you have it.  Tomorrow is today, finally, and the future lies ahead.  My best wishes to all of you in the future.
Russ Stephenson



Vivian and I have been living in Florida for the past fourteen years, enjoying retirement, though it was not an easy transition for me.  I worked  at two commuter airlines after leaving Hughes Airwest. One of them was Command Airways in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. A primary responsibility was to assist in what was to be a transition to be an American Airlines Commuter.  This was accomplished.  We also worked in the cruise marketing business for a short while with two former RW associates, Mike Conroy and Dick Hankins, on two different projects.

At Vivian's urging, I returned to my interest in music, which I had not pursued for about 35 years. Although piano was not in my original training, we became interested in digital pianos and organs.  I am assisting in training of beginners and Vivian is doing the computer and administrative work for the Director of Music. This is strictly volunteer work. Most of our students are seniors and the music is from the 1920's, 30's, 40's, and 50's. We are right at home!  

Our 9 years at RW were one of the highlights of our working life. We often  talk about the wonderful experience we had when a part of RW, and continue to appreciate the opportunity we were given to be a part of such a fine airline.   The loyalty that remains among so many of you, is highlighted by the interest in the annual reunions in San Francisco and Phoenix, and the many, many friendships that remain strong.

M.K. Stewart-Lightner


In early 1975 I was hired as a Flight Attendant.  Since there was another Kathy in my class and also a Mary (my first name that I never used) I went by Mary K.  One of my roommates soon shortened it to MK which stuck with me the rest of my career.  Most of my class was sent to Las Vegas where I roomed with Genevieve (Beaver) Young, Regina Fochetti and Chis Coffee.  (Where are you all now?)


Bob Stevens


I'm Bob Stevens, now in Salt Lake City, UT and was just "surfing" for someone who's name popped into my head so I did a search and it led here.  Nice surprise. I was hired by Pacific in '63 in San Jose, CA, then went to SFO for a little over a year then to Sacramento as Asst. Mgr. with Nickie Nick. Then to PDX as Asst. Mgr for over 5 years.

Back to San Francisco working in Eric Wilson's office for several months while a landing spot was searched for. I have such warm memories of the kind, wise and thoughtful guidance I got from Eric, John Malloy and Kip Wharton during this time period. Wound up in LAX as Customer Service Manager, then to Salt Lake City. I think working with Blaine Barney (he must be retired by NOW) was a treat. Very good guy and I got to stretch my experiential wings by facilitating coordinating the airport expansion as it related to us. Fun project, good experience. Then to Santa Ana//Orange County John Wayne Airport as Manager. I remember feeling daunted by trying to fill the shoes of Tom Chandler, such a great, well liked buy. All the while I was spiraling down into an addiction problem while everyone around me, locally and in the district, suffered the consequences.

The company intervened me beginning in about December 1982. They took my job and sent me to treatment which not just figuratively, but literally saved my life. I have such regrets for how I treated the local station employees in Santa Ana and at the corporate level. Violation of trust is such a dark offense. I've been a substance abuse counselor in Salt Lake City, working for a large hospital corporation for the last 23 years and just retired February 2009. Very happy with my life and circumstances now.

I have adult daughters in the Denver, CO area and 3 grand children there as well. I still do what's called PRN work for the hospital I retired from periodically, and the rest of the time I can be found in the Canyonlands area of southeastern Ut, mt. biking, camping in my VW Syncro Camper van, and just being out there. Some of my fondest life memories are centered during this 20 year airline experience. My heart felt thanks to you Tom, for creating this organ for communication and catching up. I've reached out to a few old friends that have posted bio's here and have started reconnecting with a few. I'd love to hear from anyone who would like to make contact. I'll be heading to AK next June '10 for a 4 month Camper van trip through there and Canada. I've got family in Anchorage. Taking the ferry from Bellingham, then the AlCan return and plan on stopping to see some old cronies in SEA in about late August, early September '10.

Colleen Newport Stevens


I started with Hughes in '73 as a flight attendant (Gustaferro during some of my flying yrs !)  and finally quit in '88. Had a wonderful time some of my best memories are those fun Hughes years !!   I have enjoyed a wonderful life as an artist in Memphis,TN. (would still rather be out west somewhere!) with Ronnie Stevens captain and ex-Hughes employee and our two children- Laura (now going to school in Boulder) and Mike. I used to take my paints with me on my overnights but now have the luxury of my own studio and have exhibited around the world and have been included in numerous magazines and books. If you would like to visit my website it is   www.newportpaintings.com   Life has been great, (other than a 9 yr deal with cancer..but we won't go there just a minor set-back) would love to hear from anyone out there...LIFE IS GREAT !! 

Cindy Stewart


I worked for Hughes Airwest from 1978 to 1984 in the Personnel/Medical departments, I then went to word processing and then reservations before taking furlough.  My maiden name is Cuthbert.

Cindy Stewart
Creative Promotions
1903 East Citation Lane
Tempe, AZ
Cell: 602-524-7300
Fax: 480-897-7039

Suzanne (Mangin) Stewart

I was hired in June 79 at the tail end of HAW as a FA. During training our class was flown from SJC to SEA for hands-on training for the 727. That is when I met my husband of 20 years. Also a FA for Hughes (Craig Stewart-SFO based at the time). Five years later we reunited and were married in New Zealand a year later. Two kids (Sara-16/Ian-14), five moves, 5 bases and now we have settled in South Orange County CA.

We are both based in LA and fly just about everything. We travel quite a bit. Once a year just for Craig and I and then one big trip with the kids. We have given them quite an education by taking them all over the world.

With Hughes I was based in PHX,DEN AND LAS. Republic-DTW,MSP,MEM and finally with NWA we were able to get back to the west coast. Ann Arbor, Michigan was the only fond memory I have when I was kicked out of Vegas in the 80's and of course the birth of my children. I love being back in California and flying out of LAX is always like a HAW reunion. We have several former HAW FA's that continue the commute to Vegas and PHX. Every Fall for the last 10 years my class-June 1979 (retired and current) have had a reunion in San Francisco and San Diego. Doris Buske (SFO), Pamela Lopez-Lewis (SFO), Lisa (Ellis) Munns (SFO), Maureen (Murphy) Dinallo (Ret.), Mary Jean (Engle) Wiese (Ret.), Debbie (Kollatz) Gallentine (Ret.) and Laurie Rybaczyk (Ret.) Thank you for creating this web site.

Mark Strussenberg

I was hired by Bonanza Air Lines on 11Mar68 in PHX and was sent to YUM a week later.  I was in YUM from Mar'68 thru Aug'73. I was there for the 3-way merger and the ensuing chaos and came on duty the morning the airport burned down (06Aug'68).   I was part of the Great YUM Auto Wreck when Al Leonard, Charlie Falco, Warren (WC) Cady, and I hit an Army pickup truck on our way to San Luis, Mx.  The YUM airport was rebuilt while the station worked out of the burned out building.   In 1973 I transferred to LAS and stayed there until my retirement on 13Jan06.  When I got there, LAS was working out of trailers and I watched as the airport was built and rebuilt around me.    The Republic days are best forgotten.    I was laid off about a week after Northwest Airlines took over and went to work for PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines) and was with them for their merger into USAir.  By then, I didn't bother to listen to the "dog and pony show" as I'd already heard it. I finally quit USAir and went to work for Northwest and stayed until my retirement.   I'm now working for an auto salvage company in Henderson, Nv. to keep busy during my airline years, I've been married and divorced twice (I gave up) and am living alone with a grown daughter a couple miles away.   had one Heluva good time in the airlines and met the best group of people there can be.  We hung together during chaos, crashes,  and tough financial times to work Hughes Airwest the best we knew  how and we did pretty good. Oh, yeah.  And I was the one who helped put A320 #3205 in the ditch in LAS a few years ago and it's now named the "Struss Goose."         Peace...............struss 

Pamela Stull

I joined Bonanza Airlines in late 1967 in the Revenue Accounting Dept. in Phoenix, AZ.  I celebrated my 21st birthday aboard a Bonanza flight to Las Vegas.  Moved to San Mateo, CA in 1968 and worked in the Crocker Bank Bldg. Revenue Accounting as Bonanza became Air West, then Hughes Air West.  Moved to the "Hill" in San Mateo near the college and became Republic Airlines. I worked under Mike Wilson, Alan Erickson and Jay Kramer.  Married Bruce Stull in 1975, and sadly left the airline in 1982 as the merger with Northwest was relocating us to Minneapolis. (A stretch too far for us.)  I worked for the Flamingo Hilton in Nevada  before  we moved  to Prescott, AZ in 1991. We live in a quaint little mountain home my dad built in 1958.  Bruce and I have been married for 32 years. We are parents and grandparents.  I have worked the past 8 years part time at the Historic Hotel St. Michael in downtown Prescott, AZ as the swing front desk.  Thanks for many cherished memories...Hughes Air West!!!
Bob Sugg

Deanna Surbridge


Deni Gruenfeld Sutherland
Deni Evans then, Deni Sutherland now.  Started with RW in 1976...the airline was growing so fast that our f/a training class got minimum training before we were pushed into action out of Las Vegas over the Christmas holidays!!  Based in LAS, DEN and then SEA.  Retired in 1988 just as the RW retirement plan was demolished.  Live on Mercer Island, WA with my husband and 11 year old son.  Started an executive search firm in Bellevue that specializes in the medical device industry...lots of work but very rewarding. Will hope to hear from some "old" friends.  Thanks for the web site.  What a great piece of nostalgia!!

Linnie (Jonni) Talman

I started with Bonanza in LAS in 1962 and then went to work for Pacific in 1966... after all the mergers I finally retired in 1998.  I married Henry Balsiger and we and live at 255 Bates Rd White Salmon Wash... Hi to all

Donna Tanfani


I was hired in 1971 and worked at the headquarters in San Mateo for almost 9 years!  Those were the good ol days of travel and fun and sometimes crazy work environment.  I was 23 years old and single when I was hired; what fun!  We certainly did not know how great we had it for sure!  I started out in Data Processing and quickly moved to Accounting.  From Accounting on to Consumer Affairs and then on to the Flight Attendant Training Department.  I have 2 amazing life-long friends from my airline days:  Noel Castagnola (now Carlson) whom I met when she was still in Reservations and Natalie Loader, a Flight Attendant taken off-line to teach in Flight Attendant Training.  What fun and great memories for sure.

Diane Taylor

I love this Hughes Airwest website!  I was a F/A based in LAS  from 1973 to 1982.  I was in the March 1973 F/A class.  I still live in Las Vegas. I have two grown children, Erin (31) and Eric (26).  I retired in '82 from Republic Airlines, divorced in '85, and raised my two children as a single mother.  Those 9 yrs of flying were some of the best years of my life.  I sure do miss it!  I've been in the design field for several years and have another part time business I've had for the past 20 yrs.  I can be reached at pchtreedt@aol.com and 702-233-6151.

Warren Taylor
I worked for the company from January 1952 until I retired in 1984, I wrked in Seattle both at BFI and SEA a total of 15 years. I was manager at RDM for a year, at TIW for about 1 year and Manager at LMT for 14 years. I was very happy to see this information about Hughes Airwest. It was West Coast Airlines when I started with the company and so was part of its growth  until it was purchased by Northwest. It was enjoyable working with such  great bunch of people and I have many pleasant memories. 
Ron Thompson
45-995 Wailele Rd. #58

Kaneohe, Hi. 96744 

I'm Ron Thompson, pilot, hired at Hughes Airwest July 14, 1978. I flew the F-27 out of PHX, then went to Saudi Arabia for 6 months. Also flew B-727 in PHX before being bumped to MSP after the merger. My employee number is 106916. I currently live in Hawaii flying 747 FO.
Terry Thompson


I was in the last class hired by West Coast. Some of the best memories are the times with Hughes Airwest. I worked with and met many wonderful people. What a way to make a living. I retired in July of 2000. The picture of me wearing the Hughes Airwest hat, was climbing out of Kalispell, Montana  June 29th flying a former Hughes Airwest aircraft. I submitted the photo for the retirement page in the Northwest  Airlines Ops magazine, I didn't think it would be printed  but it was. Loved that.  All I can say is, " What a ride".




I began my airline career in September 1968, worked in the Reservation Center, until the Republic Acquisition. Did time in MSP, and SEA, and finally to SFO where I worked the Ticket Counter. Was offered the early out, which I took. Then was offered a job in Sales, which was short lived. Was hired by Eastern Airlines for 3 yrs, then finally to Alaska Airlines where I retired last June 2003, where I worked for over 15 years.  There I worked the ticket counter, Board Room Concierge, and finally as Coordinator of Boardroom Operations, which I loved. But due to my husband (Pat's) job with Bechtel, and not many jobs left in SF, we choose to transfer) to AZ. (2002) and now live in a wonderful community in Scottsdale, called Grayhawk  We still have our house in San Mateo, and it's where I should be today, as it's 110. Many OLD friends are in AZ. and it's been fun just reminiscing. We all have the same problem with names, and remembering which I suppose comes with the territory, need I say more? It's nice to see the website, a job well done..thanks!

Linda Tiboni

I started with Hughes Airwest in April of 1970. I was in the first class hired when the third F/A was put on the DC-9 so I went right into being a line holder and rarely had to fly the F-27. Lucky me. I spent my first 11 months in Las Vegas and then transfered to Phoenix where I spent the next 14-1/2 years until the based was closed. Not wanting to commute I moved to Memphis and lived there for 7 years until SFO was re-opened in 1992. I currently live in my hometown of Fresno and make the easy commute to SFO. I decided to move where I would eventually retire although I won't be that age for a long, long time!!!

Glenn Tigner

I joined WCA in RBG 09/01/1952, later becoming manager.  When we were awarded SFO, I bid there and got it. July 1959 a small group of us opened the station. My memory is not what it used to be, but here are some of the crew...  Duke Briscoe  Manager, Glenn Tigner and John Lesser, Senior Agents, Agents were John Chan,Jim Clough, Dennis Wyatt,& Don Gray. Ticket Counter was Carol Ewan and Margaret Phillips. Fred Moller, George Grindahl, & Ray Canyon were in Maintenance.  There were more, of course, and hopefully will come to me later. All the above were also there for Hughes Airwest.  In 1984 I was made an offer I  couldn't refuse so retired after 32 years.