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Shirley Madge
I started with Hughes Airwest in Calgary Canada in 1978 as an agent.  As part of a very small staff at Calgary Airport we did everything and had alot of fun doing it.  I remember one day in particular we were very short staffed and I actually sold a customer his ticket, checked him in at check-in, plus later  I boarded him at the gate and as he got onto the plane he said to me " do you fly the plane too" and I quipped back " only if the pilot gets sick".  I always remember the stunned look on his face as he tried to figure out if I was serious.    From Hughes Airwest I went onto work for CP Air until I retired in 1994 and moved to Malta, an island in the middle of the Meditteranean.  I now head up an equestrian riding program for disabled children.   

Hughes Airwest was a great airline to work for.   We were all young & dedicated and had  some of the best time of our lives. 

Kitty (Milham) Mady

    I was Kip Wharton's secretary at Pacific  in SFO (1965-69.)  We worked in the old exec terminal with Eric Wilson and John ?? until the new GO was built.   Kip wore many hats & so did I, including writing the Pacific Air Lines newspaper. I even had my own hard hat - a gift from the mechanics  because I missed the step down into the hangar & the step up into Kip's office so often.
    I lived in Millbrae then and  met Stan Freberg and his wife upon their arrival at the train depot (Freberg was afraid to fly) when he arrived to do our sweaty palms campaign.  It   rocked the industry, of course, and I spent days answering 100's of complaint letters!   We did get one feather letter - from the inmate editor of the San Quentin News.  He  loved the ads & said he'd  recommend our airline to his friends if we had a flight for fast get-aways!
    I left RW in 12/69 when corporate heads began rolling down Mahogany Row - some with 30 yrs of service - & moved to So CA where my husband went to work for Air Cal.  After we divorced, I moved to the wilds of SW WA to learn the art of survival, and to write and create art.  I left my farm in '84 to study herbal medicine and returned to WA in '85 to start a business, which I  closed this year.
    Now I'm writing full time & just happened upon this site while researching the sweaty palms campaign for an article I'm trying to peddle.  (Ain't life strange?!)    Would love to hear from anyone who remembers our scandalous times in SFO.  I live in Montesano, WA -  half way between SEA & PDX, 40 mi equal distance to Olympia (east) or the coast & rain forest (west.)  Anyone in this neighborhood, please look me up - especially if you're going to the reunion in Sept.

Marion {Szekely} MacKenzie marion0808@sbcglobal.net

In 1970 I was hired as a secretary (SFO); went on to inflight supervisor, consumer affairs, reservations with a few stops between.  Rather than move with Republic, furloughed and started a word processing business.  Two weeks prior to my furlough ending, accepted a LAX Reservations position with Republic.  Retired in 86 when Northwest took over.

Rod and I left the Bay Area, moved to Chester/Lake Almanor (Sierras) and enjoyed nine years of summer/winter sports.  In 93 got hit with 28 of snow.  Too much!  Sold the house and contents and full-time Rved for eight amazing years.  Started over in Yerington, NV on two acres of high desert.  Seems we just landscaped and bowled.  However, I won the 뱋ver 70 NV State Championship.  Now compete in what I call 75 to death.  Moved to Reno into a smaller house/property and to be closer to the five grandkids.  We continue to fish, rockhound, sell our crafts and bowl.  Also, have a website called 밇Z4Uonlinetravel.com. 

Wish again to thank Tom for continuing this wonderful website.  The 밠emory section, however, is getting depressing as our RW group is slowly dwindling.  Realizing life is such a short visit on earth we appreciate and enjoy each day we are blessed with.  

Charlie Mann



I started with Bonanza Airlines March of 1968 as a F-27 co-pilot and retired from NWA  Aug. 31, 1996 as a 727 Captain  -  Got tired of the commuting so I went out two years early.  I was based in PHX - LAS - DTW - MEM - and MSP - . I currently live in Tempe, AZ and Kerrville, TX and my hobby's  are Paso Fino Horses and do a lot of trail riding  - I also enjoy cruising and traveling the country in  my Motor Home.  Would love to hear from any of you my cell phone is 480-250-8100 -  email mannce@msn.com -  I am on face book so look me up and lets talk.  Not getting any younger you know!  Miss the flying and most of all the friends but not the commuting and hotels.

James (Jim) Martin

I started with Empire Airways 9-11-52 at COE.  It was a 2 man station, shortly thereafter West Coast Airlines took over Empire. I transferred to Puw on 4-15-53  till 3-11-57.  As an Agent "do it all guys." The do it all guys were one man on duty at a time Each hour we took the WX and forwarded it to the WX Bru  and the Company. We used the teletype to make Res. for the travel Services in Pullman and Moscow and the calls we received at the airport. We loaded and unloaded the planes, handled the Airfrt. Ticketed the pasgr. and checked in the baggage, for each flight and did the manifests. We talked to each flight about the weather and the traffic at the airport, and runway condition. We had DC-3's, 24 pasgr. with a 3 min. ground time.  It's hard to believe the changes that have been made in stations and operations from the DC-3's to the 747's....  We always had the coffee pot on for the crews in case COE was nsnl.I was in a car accident in 1955 taking pasgr. from Puw to LWS   as our airport was closed do to snow.
     I transferred to BFI 3-15-57 to become our 1st  HF radio operator. We closed down the HF  radio 3 years later. I then became a Jr. Dispatcher.  While doing so we helped in crew scheduling after hours. I was asked in 1963 by operations if I would take over crew scheduling as manager. I worked with Nick Bez, Jr., after several suggestions on aircraft scheduling,  which made the crew and aircraft  less expensive to run, he asked me to take over as manager of crew and aircraft scheduling.  I would also work with Ed Altman on union contracts, for the pilots and F/A.
     In 67-68 I was appointed with Terry Ashton to put a schedule together for the new company  Air West Airlines. I then put together the crew scheduling for flying our new airline using all the union rules, and the CAB rules.
       We moved to the Bay Area, working out of our new headquarters in San Mateo in June 1968.  When Hughes bought Air West Airlines in 1972 , I was appointed Director of Aircraft and Crew Scheduling.  What a time we had making a profit for the 1st time. Unfortunately because of health I had to take a medical retirement   4-15-76.  Eva and I moved to Magalia Ca. In 79 and have enjoyed the small community. Shortly after we moved, it seems all of our family moved to get out of the bay area.
     I have kept in close contact with several RW people.   RW was my second family, if anyone needed help someone was always there.  In all these years I have felt very close to RW and all the companies before and after. My dreams have come true except for health, and I am doing OK.
     PS For those of you who knew our son Kim Martin who worked as an agent in Yuma in the early 70's he passed away with cancer in 1998.

Ed Maymo

I started working  with Pacific Airlines in May 1964 in MRY.  I was there thru the Airwest merger and then transferred to SFO in 1969.  I stayed in SFO for about 7 years working just about every position there was.  In 1976 I crossed the bay to OAK as Chief Agent.  I was there Thru the RC merger.  After the merger I took  a summer temp in RHI and then in winter of 1982 I transferred to CVG.  What a culture shock coming from the bay area.  I just about froze to death that first year.  I finished out my career  there working first as RC then as NWA.  In the summer of 2000  I finally retired.  My  back had given out and work just wasn't fun anymore.  After looking back on my airline career it is plain to see that the early years with Pacific and Hughes Airwest  were by far the best years.  Work was fun and the people were great.  In fairness though I would have to say that every city I worked in was fun and I was very fortunate to meet many good people every where I went.   In the summer of 2005 my wife Dee and I left the cold  of CVG and moved to Lake Alfred Fl.  We live in a nice retirement community with all the amenities: golf,tennis,swimming pool   and plenty of activities to keep us busy.  Again Tom I have really enjoyed this website and appreciate all the hard work that you put in to it. Regards to all Ed Maymo .

Bob McAdoo


I hired on at San Francisco with Pacific Airlines April 17, 1967.  Had 2 weeks of training with Jim McGill in the NEW Headquarters building (Big Blue), then shipped off to Fresno to begin my career.  In 1969, I was laid off in FAT and transfered to Cedar City, UT (CDC) for 2 years until getting the Chief Agent job at Apple Valley, Ca (APV).  When RW closed APV, I transfered to Spokane and worked there (some may dispute worked) until it closed then transfered to Tampa, Fl.  When NWA bought RC I was laid off and transfered to Dayton, Oh for 9 months, after which I transfered back to Tampa in the Reservation Office. Seven years after that I finally had enough time to transfer back to the airport from which I retired as a CSA on Dec 31, 2002 and I still live in Tampa.  I must say I truly miss the RW Family, as that is what I feel we were "A FAMILY".  
Leonard McClary  

Hired in Lax , worked there twice, in June of 1969 and moved several times to work in PIH, PDX (twice), YKM, SEA. Then along came RC and went to BOS in 1984 or 85, who can remember. Great place to visit. Left there in 1985 moved to DTW. An even better place to be from. However did see many old friends there. Left DTW in 1989 and moved to CVG. Still there awaiting a good contract to retire on. Received and education, finally, but still work for an airline, but branching out and teaching at a local college and working on my Masters Degree. Both kids doing great. Youngest is now a Captain in the Air Force,married to a pilot, and the oldest is in the Hotel business. Wife is doing great and makes more money than I do, which is not hard I suppose.

Update:  Now retired in CVG, after my third back surgery in 2005. Proud grandparent of two boys in Knoxville, Tn and one more on the way in the SEA area. The Captain is now a Major in the AF reserve and the hotel manager is in the design business.

L. (Mac) McIntosh

I started on March 10, 1979 at FCA (Kalispell, Mt. station agent).  We had about 7 agents including me working there.  It was one of the most beautiful stations on the system at that time J.  Used to play hackie sack on the ramp waiting for the birds ta come in.  I left one main gear pin in on a early morn flt out of there to GEG (always J) flown by old George Pomeroy. He flew that little DC9-10 at 15,000 ft to GEG got off the plane went on the ramp walked right to the main gear and pulled the pin out mailed it back to me a couple weeks later and said I owed him one J.  Try that today and see what happens J.  George retired in 1981 I believe, before they shut us down and we all went over the republic system like weeds in a pasture L.  He flew his last flight into FCA and back to GEG.  It was a great time J.  I뭢 still working for NWA in MOT (Minot, ND.) just about ready ta get kicked out the door for lower paid outsourcing.  The truth I can뭪 wait J. After deregulation, airline industry went down the tubes L. I still have my one dollar paycheck from the old payroll check style J.

Anthony (Tony) McMahon



I started with Hughes Air West as the First Male Flight Attendant in June 5,1972.  I was based out of San Francisco until Republic closed the base.  While with Republic I was located in Detroit and then with Northwest I was in Minneapolis. I eventually went back where I started from, San Francisco and there I remained until my retirement in 2002.  Now I spent more time at the beach in Aptos, California where I have moved. My daughter, Maggie is a senior at San Diego State University.  My days are filled with managing my business, spending summers at my home in Ireland and spending time with my immediate family in the bay area.  I'm still as fit as ever.  I workout 3 to 4 days a week to stay so. I have been to several reunions over the years and met many of my old friends.  However there are loads of people out there that I have not seen or heard from in years. If you are one of those people please get in touch with me!  At this time I would also like to thank Tom for taking on this HUGH task, I sure appreciate it!

Bruce McRae



DoH 2 Jul 79, hired in PHX, flew F-27s in Saudi till furough after REP merger. Ground floor starting up Horizon till recall to REP then on to NWA in 86. Presently flying as Captain on A320 in MSP and living now in MSP.

Bob and Georgia McDonald

II was hired in 1962 by West Coast Airlines in Wenatchee, Wash. (EAT) as a station agent. Later moved to YKM then to flight control at BFI.  After the Hughes purchase flight control was centralized at San Mateo and I stayed in SEA and became a crew scheduler.  A few years later crew scheduling was centralized in San Mateo and I went back to being an station agent at SEA.  I currently am still working for NWA at SEA.  I married Georgia (Griffin), now retired flight attendant, and we had two children, Carmen and Adam.  Carmen has just completed here Jurist Doctorate and is doing her Title 9 externship as a King County Prosecutor.  Adam has just graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a BS , has his commercial pilots license, and is currently planning to flight instruct at the university.  He would like to complete his Masters in aviation safety/accident investigation while being a flight instructor. Georgia and I still have a small farm in Buckley, Wa. (the base of Mt. Rainier) with a few critters,  still cut winter firewood, plant our garden, and can our own food.  I enjoy making our own wine and beer,  smoking fish and making venison jerky.  Georgia has her flower beds full and tends to them faithfully, while being a bookkeeper for our local water district.  I have been a volunteer firefighter/EMT for about 12 years. 

Denise (Denny) Doyle-McDougall
Date of hire - 12/02/1968 - Sea Res Trans to Sfo res in 1970 - Trans to sea ticket counter in 1978  furloughed under Rc - 1984 recalled to Sea counter 1987 for two months then, trans to sea Res until 1997 when I returned to Sea counter. Great place to work and the Airline industry is still the best job there is.

Sue McGovern

I was in the flight attendant class of Dec 1976 the class that was pulled out of training halfway through to cover the Christmas rush.  We were all put in the 밷eautiful Mansion Manor hotel in Vegas for the holidays then thrown on airplanes having little or no idea of what we were doing.  To any of you more senior folks that had to fly with us during those few weeks, thanks for not tossing us out on the tarmac in the middle of Yakima or somewhere! 

After finishing up training I was based in Las Vegas.  Ah, the good old days of skiing on Lake Mead behind a boat named 밫rip Trade.  (Anyone know what ever happened to Jay Cromer?)  Eventually moved to Newport Beach and commuted to both Vegas and Phoenix for a while then transferred to the new Denver base.  I was 밾ouse mom in the Hughes Airwest version of Animal House, living with Larry Hansbro, Peter Norris, Ernie Logerquist, and my future ex-husband crazy times!  After the base closed I transferred to Phoenix, got married (went by Sue Schaeffer for many years), and eventually moved to Dallas in 1984.  While off on maternity leave the offer for the 밻arly out came from NWA which I took in January 85.  One of my biggest regrets is not realizing that my last trip before going on leave was going to truly be my last trip!  

Stayed in Dallas for 22 years, raised two beautiful daughters, went back to Grad school, and was a Special Education Counselor for one of the large school districts in the area.  I shook things up a couple of years ago and moved back to Denver, got remarried (I answer to Sue Hendrix now), and left the counseling profession.  Spend as much free time as possible outdoors - camping, hiking, skiing, etc.  My email is suehendrix@comcast.net. Would love to hear from anyone!

Geoff McKnight



I began with Hughes Airwest as a F/A from the '77-08' class...Based in LAS (living @ the 'Flamingo Apts!), then moving in w/(then Flight Engineer) Tom McGrain....what great times!....along with playing on the softball team, with so many unforgettable employees....which included long nights @ the 'Blue Mule' and 'RumRunner'....and of course, I can't forget the memorable 'theme' parties put on by 'The Boys' of "Hughes"!....Then, I was lucky enough to be transferred to F/A Training in San Mateo...and eventually became the Recurrent Trainer throughout the system....After Republic bought "Us", I was sent back to LAS as a F/A, living with Terry Henslee...more great times!....Republic training called and I joined the training department (not as good as H/A's team) out in MSP (@ the funky Ramada Inn!)....There I trained two 'initial' classes that were being sent out to the West Coast (LAS & PHX)....I later married one of the F/A's from PHX/LAS and we left the airlines, heading for Atlanta, Georgia....In '82, we were married, then soon(!) after divorced (I survived!)...I made several attempts to get back into Republic's training dept., but the supervisor wasn't going to let that happen...So, I quit my job and began life as an actor (staying in ATL)...Beginning with theatrical productions around the South and eventually appearing in the TV series, "In The Heat Of The Night" and "I'll Fly Away"....and several movie appearances, as well...I stayed in ATL until '96 and left (after the Olympics) for the West Coast, appearing in theatrical productions in Seattle, L.A., LAS (also working for Marty Brees & Terry Henslee) and Sun Valley, ID.....I left LAS in '02 (having picked up the skills as a golf caddie) and moved back to ATL....Since moving back, I have worked in several movies (check out imdb.com & type in my name)..Acting is my life and ALL that goes with it....i.e. alot of different jobs, living paycheck to paycheck and living in "The Now"....I wouldn't trade it for anything and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!...I can say that I am really glad I found this sight (Thanks, Tom!), because it has brought back so many fond memories...and I am very proud to say I worked for one of the best airlines, ever!...Please feel free to contact me...I live alone and y'all are always welcome to stay in "The A-T-L!"....

Brian McMahon


I began my airline career with RW in LAS on 1-20-1977 as a Station Agent. I went on to become the RC/NW Station Manager in BUF from 1985-1993, the NW General Manager in LAS from 1993-2005, a Regional Director for NW in MSP Corporate from 2005-2009, and a Field Director for DL in LAS from 2009 until my retirement in 2010. But I apparently wasn뭪 quite ready for retirement as I began my encore career with the LAS Department of Aviation in June, 2011 running the Airport뭩 Control Center. Although my time at RW seems short by comparison, those years will always contain some of my fondest airline memories. What a great group of people I had the privilege to work with in LAS. While we worked hard, we definitely partied harder. How about our Flight Attendant base closing party at the Italian-American club on Sahara Avenue in 1980? I had the honor of being the DJ for that epic event! And here are some memorable flight numbers you might recall  Flights 7 & 11 YEG-YYC-LAS and Flights 6 & 23 LAS-YYC-YEG operated with our new B-727 fleet (don뭪 forget to board the extra liquor kits if you뭨e working 뱋utside catering) ~ 38 LAS-RNO-SEA (Nearly 100% Load Factors Flight was eventually discontinued because the loads weren뭪 improving), 700 & 704 LAS-GCN (Not many bags to load with tour groups returning to LAS the same day loved working those flights), 728 LAS-LAX-SFO-PSC-YKM-SEA (YES, some of us would actually use that 4-stop flight to non-rev to SEA. And the flight was much better if you were riding in 밄usiness Coach, our First Class equivalent).  So many great memories So many great friends and acquaintances.  And along the way, I was blessed with my beautiful daughter, Ali, who is now 22 years old and working on her Master뭩 Degree in Medical Science so she can become a Physician Assistant.  And it all started with little yellow airplanes in LAS. THANKS to everyone who has been a part of this amazing journey. I look forward to hearing from you and staying in touch for years to come.

Jack McNary



It is great to see how everyone is doing these days!  I started with Pacific Airlines  in Sept. of 1966 as a ramp/ops agent. I had the following positions at RW. Crew Scheduling, Flight Control, Aircraft Routing and Mgr. of Current Schedules & Crew Planning.

Just as the merger mania began I left RW and went to Texas International as the Director of Schedule Administration in Houston. Then another merger, Frank Lorenzo bought Continental and I was sent to LAX on temporary assignment as Dir. of Skds. It was great to be back in California.  Later it was moving back to Houston. The pilots went on strike and I got a job with PSA as Mgr. of Future Schedules in San Diego. Again, it was great to be back in California. But then another merger! USAIR took over PSA and was going to  move us to Washington DC. I wasn't very excited about moving to  Washington and was guessing that USAIR would probably merge with another carrier in the future. What a lucky guess, they merged with America West.  I moved to Dallas and worked at American/American Eagle as Director of Crew Resources. 

In spite of all the mergers, I really enjoyed working for all the different airlines and especially HUGHES AIRWEST!!!   In 1994 I retired early and divorced.
I have been living in San Diego for the last 12 years. 

Wendy McPhee

Interline Accounting 1980- to the close of San Mateo Office. Married three children Worked as an art director in 89-97 prior to opening my own design studio in San Francisco in 1998.

Annaly McPherson



I am Annaly McPherson.  I started work with West Coast Airlines at Boeing Field in December of 1962.  The training wage. at that time, was $7 per day. Spent 1 year in PDX res in 1964, then back to Seattle Res as a senior Agent. Spent 21 years with the airline in Seattle reservations as it went through a mergers, acquisitions and many name changes.  In 1979 I was promoted to an assistant reservation manager.  A big highlight was the move to a new building in the SeaTac area, with new furniture, phones, etc.  I left the airline in 1984 when the Seattle Reservation facility closed.  Since then, I have worked in Human Resources for various high tech companies.   I am currently the Director of Human Resources at Zetron, Inc.  We make emergency 911 systems   I have so many wonderful memories of the airline years.  The trips!!  Oh, my, how wonderful it was to live a jet-setting life for so many years.  The discounts!!  The friendships and the camaraderie.  The schedule changes--oh, no, not another one!  The 0500 start times.  How early we were computerized. The pride and joy of being HUGHES Airwest.  How neat that was. The flight cancellations on Christmas Eve and trying to find some way to rebook the passenger.  The family of friends that we were. And now, as I draw closer to my retirement that NW holds, I fervently hope they stay in good financial shape!  My best to you all.

Tom McWay

Tom1.jpg Tom2.jpg


Started with Pacific Airlines in SFO on May 23, 1968. I went thru all the mergers at SFO and retired on December 30, 2006 at age 62. At SFO I worked just about everywhere. This includes ticket counter, lost & found, gates, catering, air freight, post office, operations, bag room, ramp, cleaning, ordering supplies, and pushing airplanes off the gates. 
     Hughes Airwest was the 밎olden Time in the 1970뭩. Airlines now going the Wal-Mart way. Best trip 2003. Ireland, Scotland, England, and Stonehenge with Bluegrass Patriots Music Band.
    Started doing music videos & photography in 1999. Fresno Blues shows Hinton Center, Ca. Past 10 years have done over 500 videos. Includes many types of music, family reunions, etc. Now I go as a volunteer to worldfest.net for camping & music in July at Grass Valley, Ca.
   I am sitting by my player piano with some history of my music recordings here. On top of the piano are 348 videos. Another 165 videos are not shown. Bottom front are JVC boomboxes. By my side on top of small cabinet is my black cat Wispy sleeping. Each shows history of videos done. Total 378 videos, 600 hours, and 6,380 photos.
     Hughes Airwest was once in a lifetime experience. The good old days gone forever. Take care everyone.

Tana Melton
I was hired in Seattle for West Coast Airlines in 1967 in reservations.I remember the merger and the fun of working for Hughes Air West. I spent many many years in Seattle res through all of the changes. I am now at Seattle ticket counter with Northwest airlines. I bid the temporary openings in Palm Springs Ca for the winter and work  during the summer in  Seattle. Its still a great job.and a great life. Thanks for this website. It reminds me of how much fun airline work was .  
Patricia A. (Bonner) Mertens
I started in 1964 with Bonanza in Beverly Hills at the Res. Office Transferred to LAX then BUR then LAS as Customer Serv. Supv. Then came Ducks. Retired from SLC in 1998. Bought a Motel ( with NWA involuntary savings plan)  in La Barge, Wyoming on the Green River, south of Jackson Hole. So I'm still working and yes I do oversell myself. Toll free number 1-888 -Redclif

Chuck Meiers


Elda Mejia

I hired on with Hughes Airwest in July of 1977, I made the transition to Northwest Airlines and then quit in 1989.  I miss the good old days traveling and working with my good friends, most of whom are still there! I live in Whittier, CA and work for the Federal Government downtown Los Angeles. Would love to hear from anyone that I have lost touch with.  Please email me at mayaisis@verizon.net I would love to reminisce.

Amanda Miller-Robertson
I was employed as a reservations agent by RW first at the Westchester (LAX) res office in July of 1978, and then at the El Segundo (LAX) res office until 1987.  My husband and I went to MSP before all the planes were painted into RC colors.  While we were sitting in the concourse waiting for our return flight, a yellow RW DC-9 pulled in and I heard someone say, "What the HELL is THAT THING?????"   My husband and I have had laughs over that for years.
Rich Merrell

I initially started working for Hughes as a crew  scheduler in San Mateo,in June of 1975. A year later I  started flying the DC-9 out of Las Vegas. In addition to  the DC-9, I've flown the Boeing 727, MD-80, and for the past 7 years,  the Boeing 757. Starting in October, 2003 I began flying the B-757-200 out of NRT and will most likely continue commuting to Asia until retirement in August 2004. I currently live in Seattle, with my two children, Scott & Kimberly.  I would enjoy hearing from anyone.

Merle Michael

I worked for the air line 73 thru 78. I started at GCN.  Eldon Forbes was stn manager. Roger Talley, Diana Dahart and Ray were a few of the people I worked with there. Other stations I worked at were Bakersfield, Palm Springs, Spokane, North Bend - Coos Bay, Reno and some time in Santa Barbara. I resigned in 1978 when Republic bought us out and the airlines began the dark days of deregulation. Gone were the small and colorful stations like GCN. I loved the time I spent as an employee with Hughes Air West and recall those years and the people I worked with, with fading but fond memories.

merleamichael@yahoo.com  or merle_michael@nps.gov


Sherri (Spitzer) Michelini


I am a former RW flight attendant hired in 1976 based most of the time in SFO but spent some time in LAS and PHX.I currently live in Roanoke, VA having moved here two years ago from the Bay Area.  I have two great boys, the oldest in the Marines, thankfully, based right now in the United States and another son that is 14. I still stay in touch with former flight attendants Michele (Mongelli) and Maura McCarthy and of course when we get together we have a great time remembering our days with Hughes Airwest.  I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Arch Miller

Employed by Bonanza Airlines in Ontario, CA beginning September 1959.  Worked at Ontario Station until 1961 when transferred to Phoenix Reservations.  Worked in Reservations until merger in 1968 and then in Reservations and Computer Services.  Staff Vice President of Marketing and Properties and Facilities until leaving in 1978.  Moved from San Mateo to Vancouver Washington in 1980 and started airline training school,  International Air Academy.  Operated schools in Vancouver, Washington; Ontario, CA; St. Louis, MO and Columbia, MD.  Transferred ownership of schools to daughters in 1999 and now fully retired.  I am Commissioner at the Port of Vancouver, WA (elected position), a position I have held since 1989 and recently elected to another six (6) year term.  Chairman of the Board of Bank of Clark County and many other community service involvement. Residing at 107 S. Santa Fe Court, Vancouver, WA 98661-7019.  Telephone is  360/695-1300

Yvonne Monedero

I was hired in May of 1970 for a Cargo Accounting Position with Air West which became Hughes Airwest within a year.. In 1981 after the merger with Republic I worked as a Senior Accounting Clerk in Atlanta, I then went to reservations in MSP then to SEA reservations until they closed that office in 1984. I then went to Memphis as a CSA from 1985 through 1998 when I transferred back to SEA reservations.

I retired on December 31, 2001 with 31 years of service and joined my husband David Peterson who had retired in 1999 from the airline.

We live in Port Angeles, WA and enjoy the beautiful scenery, golfing and traveling

Gary Moore

Started work for PC in OXR in 1959 as a station agent, after a reduction in force transferred to PDX in 1969 and retired here in 1999. 


Milton Morgenstern

Hi past employees from West Coast Airlines, Air west Airlines, Hughes Air West, Republic Airline, my name is Milton Morgenstern but you can call me Milt.  Its difficault for me to say Milton so I changed it to Milt a long time ago.  Thats probably more info then you needed to know so enough of that and here is my story.  I was hired as a purser with PAA but never got to fly as someone in the G.O. noticed that I was one (1) year too old so that job went south and I stayed in Seattle.  The very next day I answered an ad that West Coast was hiring people to fill their need when they expanded into California.  After 7 days of training ( including Sat. and Sun) I was hired and shipped off to SAC.  After a couple years of work there I ended back up in BFI.  Then I was offered a Relief Agents job and I started something else, new to me.  What really happened, I nearly flew my feathers off. Starting in the East, I worked in FCA, CTB, COE, GEG, PUW,OMK, EPH, BFI, CLM, BLI, HQM, PSC, OTH, EUG, RBG, LMT and opened the station at YYC.  I had more station keys and safe combinations then I could keep track of.  About this time I became wing worry and bid a Chief Agts. job inArcada Ca.  A couple of years there and my wife at the time hated it there so she went back to Spokane and I gradually worked my way back to GEG as a Chief Agt.  Stayed in GEG for quite a spell until Hughes stopped serving GEG.  With the closing of Spokane I transfered to PHX, alone, and stayed there until I retired and returned to my home in Spokane.  I retired in 1978 after 25 wonderful years.  Before I went to work for West Coast I had worked 11 years with the Northern Pacific RY.  After retirement I started a joint venture with the Travel Bureau at the Spokane Airport.  That didn't work out too well so I sold my interest in that and went to
work for SalAir in Spokane hauling Air frieght and Salmon out of Alaska.  That was an interesting job but poor management.  That lasted for 2 years and I had to get out so, went to Radio School in Spokane, graduated as a board operater and announcer but had to work nights which I didn't like so, after a year of that, guess what, left that too and went to work for a Limo Company, (talk about working nights).  That lasted 5 years but gave it all up and went fishing and traveling.  I divorced in 91 and am living with a wonderful Lady that will let me sleep with her if I mow the lawn.  This is very long but if I don't tell it I will forget.  It was a very good life, I have memories and friends all over this US of A and would like to hear from anyone who would care to chat and tell me if we worked together. 

Ray Moravek

I worked for Hughes Airwest as Manager of Computer Operations and was there when purchased by Republic Airlines.  Republic asked me to stay with the airline, but I opted not to accept their offer as I did not want to relocate to Minneapolis.

I moved on to a position as Production Support Administer with the City of Mesa and remained there until my retirement in 1997.

I just today ran across your website and became interested in becoming involved.  I would also be interested in finding out how many of my former fellow employees are part of your organization.

Jeannine (Junk) Moyle

WCA F/A 1960 - 70  Training Dept. in PHX 1970-73 - (Air West, Hughes Airwest,) 1982 - 85  Executive Suite (Republic)  Volunteer:  Sky Harbor Airport Auxiliary, Girl Scouts, Homeowners' Assoc., Catholic Diocese Phoenix, Our Lady of Joy Guild, Historical League, Inc. Arizona Historical Society, Central Arizona Chapter,  P.E.O. Chapter EU,  Pinnacle Peak Tennis Group.    No Children

Jim Moyle

Retired Capt., January 1990 - 23 days into a Northwest contract. Began with Bonanza, March 1956. Flew, DC-3, F-27, DC-9, MD-80, 757.  Based mainly in PHX retired out of MSP after a brief stint domiciled in DET.            Presently flying an RV-4 built professionally in 1989.  Hangar: T-3 Falcon Field, Mesa, AZ.   Living in North Scottsdale since 1974.  No Children

Jan (Yerby) Murphy
I was a flight attendant, hired in April 1070 and based in PHX. I flew for 17 years before retiring. I was married in 1971 to Jack Murphy, also an employee (TUS stations). We recently celebrated our 32 wedding anniversary with our two beautiful daughters Christina (age 28) and Cynthia (age 24).  We would love to hear from old friends.