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SAVE An F-27

Funds Are Needed to Help Restore a Piece of Bonanza Airline History

A little over a year ago we acquired a Fairchild F-27A originally operated by Bonanza Airlines, registration number N153L (N753L), with the intent of restoring the aircraft. Disassembly was well under way when circumstances brought on by 9/11, and our nation's current economic situation have made the saving of the complete aircraft impossible. Consequently, we removed a section from the wings forward and are planning to restore just that section. This area includes the cockpit and a large section of passenger cabin. This section has a tricycle wheel assembly built utilizing the nose gear and the addition of two wheels mounted on the rear of the section for easy moving.

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The F-27 section is now in our warehouse where restoration has begun. We are hoping to complete the restoration in time for the 100th Anniversary of Flight, November 2003. Once complete, the cockpit section and passenger area, complete with seats, will tour air shows and airline meets on the west coast. This will be one of the first big steps in preserving the legacy of our beloved Bonanza Airlines.

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Your support as a sponsor will greatly help to make this project a success. When you become a support sponsor you will receive a baseball type cap, T-shirt and your name on our supporters display plaque that will accompany the F27 section when it is displayed at the air shows and airline meets.

    Choose from the levels of support listed below.

    Crew Level  $50 - $249 - Receive:


      your name as a Crew member on the supporter's display plaque

    Officers Level  $250 - $999 - Receive:

      Crew baseball cap

      1st Officers T-shirt

      special 1st Officers plaque

      your name as a 1st Officer on the supporter's display plaque.

    Captain Level  $1000 - $4999 - Receive:

      Captain's baseball cap

      Captain's T-shirt

      special Captain's plaque

      button-up embroidered Captain's shirt

      your name as a Captain on the supporter's display plaque.

    Chief Pilot Level  $5000+ - Receive:

      Chief Pilot's baseball cap

      Chief Pilots T-shirt

      special Chief Pilots plaque

        button-up Chief Pilots embroidered shirt

      your name as a Chief Pilot on the supporter's display plaque



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    The company restoring our Bonanza F-27 cockpit.  Please visit their web site and see their other projects.

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