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We have decided to remove the "Employees" pages of the Hughes Airwest" website basically for security reasons.  Far too many email addresses have been 밾ijacked  and used for spamming purposes and who knows what else.  The same is also true for those of you that chose to list your phone number and address in your bios on the website.

 Also considered in this decision is the fact that the employee pages have become woefully out of date.  It would take hours and hours to try and bring the pages up to date.  Also, the software used to create the site is no longer in business making it more difficult to continue to update the pages.

We will continue to maintain the 밒n Memory and the 밨eunions pages and also the Hughes Airwest group on Facebook which now has over 600 members.  If you are not a member, we urge you sign up, there are over a 1000 photos available.  

Here is a direct link to the Facebook group: