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Recent Losses

Rusty Rostad
Bill Olander
Capt. Harold Hardy
Dwight Sissell
Hedy Hughes
Capt. Frank Polvino

Capt. Stoney Stonebraker 
Russ Stephenson
Buck Hilton
Jean Suttle

Gus Torres
Capt. James Hibbs
Casey Schuddeboom
Les Morrow
Jack Hanke
Diann Mann
Larry Ulrich
Larry Schmitz
Dave Roundtree
Linda Gilsdorf
Christel Schemainski

Capt. John Stevenson
Norman Lindley
Ana O'Donnell Klosak
Wilma Seyd-Ulrich
Dave Bales
Eugene "Gene" Fisher
Ronald Mangino
Sam Ferry

Robert Harris
Vernon Young
Dennis Brannan
Jim Barbosa
Jim Hill
Robert Wooley
Anker Miltun
Capt. Jack Furrer
Capt. Jim Zonlick
Jim McWilliams
Don Kotlarz
Norm Jewell
Blaine Barney
Mike Wilson
Capt. Burt Dupree
Bruce Denning
Joe Smith
Natalie Loader
Dean Weinland
Susan Ludwig
Jim Arnone
Capt. Bud Raithal
Capt. Jerry Belford
Raymond Carstens
Capt. Lewis Gruber
Frank Kautzmann
Capt. Don Worley
Paul Peyron
Shirley Rogers
Mary Ames
George Locke
Gary Anderson
Lloyd Ball
Steve & Jan Holmes
Glenn Woods
Vangie Casillas
Kathy Buskirk
Capt. Sam  Korth
Capt. Paul Murphy

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 2016 Reunion time is just around the corner.  Vist the Reunions page to learn the dates and times when they are available.  






This great article about Julie Clark appeared  in the 2013 winter Edition of the Around Here Magazine, a publication covering lifestyles in the Western Sierra Foothills of El Dorado County, an area that Julie calls home.   



Recently added to the "Employees" pages

Ladd Lindholm, Roger Niswander, Ray Moravek, Jimmy Wharton, Bonnie Hiller Fullerton, Renate Kolb, Ray Simons, Mike Donaho, Linda Barre, Cindy Stewart, Mary (Bush) Shipko, Jerry Butler, Ed Maymo, Shirley Rogers, Donna Tanfani,   , 



This Website is dedicated to the 3000+ men and women that made Hughes Airwest one of the leading "regional" airlines in the United States during the 1970's prior to the airline industry being deregulated by the federal government.

The Summa Corporation first announced their plans in 1979 to sell Hughes Airwest. In the fall of 1980, the assets were acquired by Republic Airlines.  Northwest Airlines then purchased Republic Airlines in 1986.  THE REST, AS THEY SAY, IS HISTORY!

"Hughes Airwest - The Movie" has been an overwhelming success and we appreciate all of you that have sent in your orders.  We still have both DVD and VHS copies available but you better order fast as they will not be re-printed because of the large quantity required.

Stay tuned for further news!!!

Tom Bailey







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